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Playing Free Poker Online: What’s It All About?

Are you searching for the best places to play free poker online? Do you want to know what the benefits of playing on free poker sites vs paid online casinos are? If you’re looking for the answers to these questions, look no further.  Today, we’re going to break down the features of free casinos, the Playing Free Poker Online: What’s It All About?


Are you searching for the best places to play free poker online? Do you want to know what the benefits of playing on free poker sites vs paid online casinos are? If you’re looking for the answers to these questions, look no further. 

Today, we’re going to break down the features of free casinos, the poker variations you can play, and when to consider switching to other online casinos. So let’s get into it.

The Benefits of Playing Free Poker Online

Every poker player is different and has their own needs and wants. And not everyone is looking for the same game to play. With that said, there are certain advantages to playing free poker online that make many players drawn to these rooms.


First off, free poker online is incredibly beginner-friendly. What we mean by that is that poker newcomers aren’t going to have the same chops as those who’ve been playing for years. And they shouldn’t expect to.

Playing opposite those who’ve been in the game for a while will most likely mean that you won’t come on top often. But when you’re still starting out and are unsure of the game, losing money every round is very disheartening.

That’s where free online poker games come in. With no money or assets on the line, players can relax and just enjoy the game. You can make your mistakes, learn, and grow as a poker player.

And when you feel like you want to move up a level, an additional benefit of online poker casinos like CoinPoker is that there are low-stakes games. Almost all online casinos tend to offer lower stakes compared to traditional, live casinos.

So when you think that your skills are up to scratch, try any of these low-stakes poker rooms to get a feel for the real deal. And if you fell in love with the game and want to pursue it as a career, low-stakes games are the best place to start.


A big reason many players are making the switch from traditional to live casinos is accessibility. By playing free poker online, they can access any game, any table, at any time. Not only that, but most online casinos also have mobile options, which means you can play on the go. So no matter their location, time zone, or budget, people can experience the thrill of the game.

Game Variety

If you love poker and want to learn more about it, the best way to do it is by playing a wide variety of games. Some of the most popular versions you can find online include Texas Hold’Em, Omaha, and Open Face Chinese. 

Low and High-Stakes Games

We’ve already touched on this earlier, but one of the best benefits of playing in online poker rooms is the stakes range. There are the micro stakes games, the nosebleeds, and everything in between. 

The former has a buy-in that can be as low as $2, and the top bets are up to $25. And if you want to play the nosebleed games or very high stakes, you have to be prepared to shell out thousands, if not hundreds of thousands.

Bonuses and Promotions

Most traditional casinos don’t really care whether you’re a new player or have been coming there for ages. But not online casinos. 

Most, if not all online casinos, will offer some sort of bonus or promotion for their players. There are exciting rewards to be won, no matter your skill level or chosen poker room. For example, in lieu of the traditional welcome bonus, CoinPoker rewards players with a 30% rakeback, paid out in CHP. There are also massive bounties, monthly tournaments, and freerolls.

Safety and Security

When playing on reputable poker sites like CoinPoker, your safety and security are guaranteed. Of course, not all sites were created equal, which is why, when looking where to play free poker online, make sure you’re not giving up information that you don’t want to give up. 

Don’t download any apps or programs from fishy sites as they can be full of malicious software. Instead, look for well-established websites, preferably ones powered by blockchain.


Another reason that explains the growing popularity of online poker sites is anonymity. When playing online, you’re only giving out some basic information, which is usually kept very secure. 

For example, we at CoinPoker only require your email and number for registration and verification. When playing on the platform, all users go by a nickname and we guarantee that their information is safe.

Best Free Online Poker Sites


At CoinPoker, there are numerous freerolls and free entries to some of our bigger tournaments, like the Crypto Series of Poker. While there are no deposit match-type promotions, many of the tournaments hosted by CoinPoker have a free buy-in but a paid rebuy. 

It’s one of the best places online for beginners looking to try out tournaments and potentially win some big bucks. CoinPoker hosted a poker tournament with the biggest pot prize to date, coming out to $1.6 million.

World Series of Poker

World Series of Poker Social Poker Site is a free-to-play place, and you can play both on the website and with a mobile app. The WSOP Social Poker Site is a good place to try if you want to play pot-limit Omaha and No-Limit Texas Hold’Em against friends, family, and other players. They also host tournaments in which you can win prizes, like virtual WSOP bracelets.

Global Poker

On Global Poker, there’s a variety of free poker games to play, including Omaha, Texas Hold’Em, and Jackpot Sit n Go. As you level up on the site, you can win more gold coins, which will eventually give you a chance to win cash prizes. For those who like to alternate between poker and card games, Global Poker also hosts Blackjack rooms.

To Sum Up: Free Poker Online

We hope to have helped you figure out what free poker online is all about and how it works. If you’re considering playing online for free, just make sure that you’re doing it at a reputable site. And if it’s asking for personal information that you’re not willing to give out or to download software you don’t trust, it’s probably not the place for you.

Once you’re ready to move on to the fascinating world of tournaments or micro, mid, and high-stakes poker, head on over to CoinPoker. Our growing community of crypto poker fans will welcome you with open arms and a seat at the table.

Free Poker Online FAQ

Can I play free poker online at CoinPoker?

CoinPoker is free to register and download, and you can take part in many monthly tournaments, which have a free buy-in.

Free poker vs. freeroll

Free online poker may come in all varieties and rooms (cash games, SnGs, and so on). But a poker “freeroll” is a free poker tournament that doesn’t have an entry fee. It can pay the winners in real money – or a “real-money value” prize. Good examples of this include tournament-entry tickets or some poker merchandise. Freerolls typically offer prize pools of a few hundred dollars.

Why is cryptocurrency better for online poker?

If you ever decide to level up and want to start playing for money, you should seriously consider cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency transactions are faster, safer, and more anonymous. 
What’s more, when playing on a platform like CoinPoker, which offers decentralized poker powered by cryptocurrency, you can’t be cheated. Our highly advanced RNG is now fully decentralized and players can, at any time, view their impact on the card shuffling.