Deposit from personal crypto wallet

Depositing cryptocurrency into your CoinPoker account is straightforward. Follow these steps:

    • Register as a CoinPoker player by downloading, installing, and signing up on the CoinPoker app.
    • Once registered, proceed to fund your account.
    • Establish a personal crypto wallet for all deposits and withdrawals.
    • During the initial deposit, input your wallet’s address. This wallet will be associated with your CoinPoker account, and subsequent deposits must originate from it.
    • If a wallet address change is necessary, contact [email protected] for assistance.

Caution: Do not deposit directly from exchanges using the above method.

Deposit from an Exchange

    • Register as a CoinPoker player by downloading, installing, and signing up on the CoinPoker app.
    • Once registered, proceed to fund your account.
    • Choose the ‘Deposit from Exchange’ option after selecting the ‘Wallet’ Icon in the CoinPoker Client.
    • During the initial deposit, input the desired USDT amount you wish to deposit, and click the button “Pay with Crypto NACE”.
    • Select the payment currency you wish to deposit with from the exchange. You can choose among:
      • Bitcoin through the Bitcoin network
      • ETH through the Ethereum network
      • MATIC through the Polygon network
      • SOL through the Solana network
      • USDT through the Ethereum network
      • USDT_TRON through the TRON network

    • Copy the amount and the generated wallet address into your preferred exchange application or scan the QR code.
    • Finally, once you have proceeded with the payment, press the “Sent” button.

How to Withdraw

Withdrawing from your CoinPoker account follows a simple process. You can withdraw to any private wallet of your choice, by selecting the cryptocurrency you would like to receive.

Cashout Policy and Terms and Conditions
CoinPoker, as a cryptocurrency-focused platform, enforces minimal restrictions on deposits and withdrawals.

Nominal fees are employed to enhance the stability and security of CoinPoker, as well as to enable us to continue to provide straightforward cryptocurrency transactions and player to player transfers.

Furthermore, the value of the cryptocurrencies managed by the platform are subject to fluctuations, necessitating responsible financial management and readiness.

Please carefully read the terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

    1. Deposits are available in the following currencies: USDT, CHP, ETH, BTC, MATIC, BNB and Solana. Deposits made in ETH, BTC, MATIC, BNB and Solana will be automatically converted into USDT. By making a deposit, you agree for deposited currency to be collected and exchanged for the equivalent value in USDT. Deposit collection and exchange process is automated and seamless.
    2. The policy and criteria for you (the customer) to effect deposits into and withdrawals from your (customer) account can be found on the CoinPoker platform. CoinPoker reserves the right to use additional eligibility criteria to determine the withdrawal options you (the customer) may be offered at any given time, and to make any amendments to withdrawal policies, at our sole discretion.
    3. Your account balance is the amount of cryptocurrency paid into your account (by you (the customer) or CoinPoker), plus any winnings (excluding bonuses which have not met the applicable wagering restrictions) and/or minus any losses accrued from using the CoinPoker services, less any rake, entry or other fees, if applicable, and less any amounts previously withdrawn by you or amounts forfeited or reclaimed by CoinPoker due to any known or suspected fraud.
    4. Withdrawal is subject to you (the customer) having made and sufficiently wagered a cryptocurrency deposit or non-restricted bonus in your account, accrued winnings, any deposit method restrictions and/or bonus restrictions. Withdrawals will be completed to the e-wallet address the user will choose when requesting the cashout.
    5. You may withdraw any amount up to the “Available to Withdraw” balance in your CoinPoker account by issuing CoinPoker with a valid notice of withdrawal within the application. Notices for withdrawals must be made via the application. CoinPoker will not accept requests for withdrawal made by (i.) telephone, (ii.) analog mail (including letters), (iii.) fax or (iv.) electronic mail (including email, telegram, or social media messages).
    6. Before any withdrawals are processed, Your behavior on CoinPoker services will be reviewed for any irregular playing patterns. Should CoinPoker deem that irregular playing patterns have occurred, CoinPoker reserves the right to withhold any withdrawals, and/or confiscate all prizes and bonuses.
    7. CoinPoker provides the option for player-to-player transfers, whereby you (the customer) can transfer funds from your CoinPoker Account to another user account. CoinPoker reserves the right to suspend or eliminate this feature on any account that is not compliant with the Terms of Agreement.
    8. Generally, transfer functionality is offered to enable customers to use the CoinPoker services.
    9. To protect Your personal data during communication with Your web browser, the Company uses secure and tested encryption technology. Online transactions continue to be protected by Our cashier providers, and Our internal security encryption system.