About 5-Card Pot Limit Omaha Poker

In 5-Card Omaha, also known as 5PLO, you get five hole cards instead of the usual four you get in Pot Limit Omaha. However, just like in Pot Limit Omaha, you still have to use exactly two of your hole cards and three community cards to make your best five-card hand.

Having an extra card boosts the number of two-card combos you can make from six to ten. This increases the odds of having a strong hand.

In this game, having just two pair or three of a kind usually won’t cut it. If the community cards suggest a straight or flush, someone likely has it, often the best one possible. And if the community cards have a pair, it’s a good bet that at least one player has a full house,


How to play?

The first five cards you get are your hole cards, and they're face-down so only you can see them. At the start, the small and big blinds are put in. Then, you can either fold, call the big blind or raise if you think you've got a good hand — or want others to think you do.
After the first round of betting, the dealer puts three cards face-up on the table. Anyone still in the hand can use these cards to help make their best five-card hand. The next round of betting starts with the player sitting closest to the dealer's left.
After the first three cards are shown, the dealer puts another card face-up on the table. This happens after everyone has had a chance to either check, call or raise the current bet on the flop.
After the turn, the dealer puts the last card face-up on the table. This is the river. Then the final round of checking or betting starts.

Two ways to win


Players continue to check or bet through the flop, turn, and river rounds. After the last betting round on the river is done, everyone reveals their hands. The winner is determined using No Limit Hold'Em hand rankings, which you'll find listed below.

Out-Betting Your Opponents

You can win the pot without a showdown by betting or raising in a way that makes everyone else fold. This strategy is called 'out-betting' and can work whether you have a strong hand or are bluffing. With a strong hand, you're encouraging calls from weaker hands. When bluffing, you're making others think you have a strong hand, even when you don't.

Omaha Poker Hand Rankings

royal flush
straight flush
4 of a kind
full house
3 of a kind
2 pair
1 pair
high card

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5-Card Pot Limit Omaha

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5-Card Pot Limit Omaha: A Poker Game Where Each Player Is Dealt Five Hole Cards.