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You Decide: Poker club vs. CoinPoker

Poker club vs. CoinPoker seems like it’s not a thing of comparison if you know what they are. But, when you just like poker, the question is which entertainment is better for you: a video game or a crypto poker app? The apparent difference is the player’s psychology regarding what happens when you win, the You Decide: Poker club vs. CoinPoker


Poker club vs. CoinPoker seems like it’s not a thing of comparison if you know what they are. But, when you just like poker, the question is which entertainment is better for you: a video game or a crypto poker app?

The apparent difference is the player’s psychology regarding what happens when you win, the reward behind it, and whether or not you want to play with real money. Poker Club and CoinPoker are both places for poker enthusiasts, but they are far from the same. We will put them side by side: crypto poker room – CoinPoker, and first-person video games. Let’s see what is different.

Poker Club vs. CoinPoker: a Game or Crypto Poker Room

There are different poker players- some like the thrill, and others just like the game. Here we will discuss the things the two have in common, their concept differences, and the feel of playing.

The Poker Club website claims it’s “The most immersive poker game ever made!” Judging by the look of the graphics, it’s evident that the game can appeal to many players who are just there for fun.

On the other hand, you have a CoinPoker website that joins poker and cryptocurrency, stating that they are “Bringing the game back to players. Decentralized poker powered by cryptocurrency.

The answer to the question of which one to play at is hidden along those lines on the websites. Let’s look at the experience behind playing at each of these entertaining sites.

Poker Club – Most Immersive Poker Game

In truth, there is little information about the people behind the game. However, the company is based in the UK. Ripstone LTD is the developer of the game. They developed a dozen games, including pool and chess.

One of their newest creations, the Poker Club, has nearly 1.5K followers on Discord and only a few on Facebook, the same for other social media platforms. According to their information, the game was developed some years back, around 2019. Poker Club is an online game that you can play offline but performs differently.

Poker club game website


The game developers emphasize 4K visuals, and while there is no or little stutter in gameplay, the characters are different things. Poker Club is a 3D game where you can play the first-person view or top view, where you can see the entire table.

While you play in first person, the game conveys the atmosphere in terms of environment sounds and visuals, background characters, voices of other players, and even some of their gestures.

However, after a while, you start to notice that gestures are the same, repeat, and are often robot-like. But the good part is that since players customize the character models, you get the unique experience of sitting across the table from a strange guy with a funny hat.


Gameplay is all about poker tournaments and daily games. There are ten different Texas-style tournament plays, including, for example, shootouts and bounties. In truth, you can choose any available table, but there is often no one around, and you lose buy-in.

There are a lot of online players, and it’s a slow-paced game; in terms, there is plenty of time to decide. Apart from strange-looking people around you that customize their avatar with a burger next to them, there are also plenty of bots raising the stakes and trying to take over the blind.

In the end, the game has few goals, ranking higher to play in different clubs and tournaments. Ultimately if you reach level five, you can open your poker club for a certain amount of money, invite friends and play the game of poker.


Poker Club can be played on various devices, including PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One.

Real Money

Because there is no real money option for playing, Poker Club provides a risk-free atmosphere where you can hone your skills. However, since there is no real money on the line, you can expect most players to act differently than they would in a poker room.


CoinPoker – Bringing the Game Back to Players

CoinPoker is a crypto poker room founded in 2017 by a group of poker players. Justas Kregzde is the CTO and smart contract developer, one of the members who came up with the platform. Over time well-known names in the poker industry joined the team as either ambassadors or moderators of the platform.

The concept behind CoinPoker was to unite poker lovers in a community while playing crypto poker online. In other words, you can play poker as you would in any other place. The only difference is currency and what you see before you in terms of a top view of the poker table. As a result, CoinPoker has an audience of more than 10K on social media and 5K on Telegram.

Coinpoker website


CoinPoker vs. Poker Club has clean and simple graphics because everything is secondary to the poker game. It’s not about the visual thrills but actual emotion while winning or losing the poker game. Although the tables have only a top view, they are customizable as in adjustments of cards, deck colors, and community theme.

The tables have two, four, or six players, and an image and name represent each player. There is a live chat option, where players often communicate during gameplay. You can select any player and mark them with a note in case you recognize them as frequent visitors.


The game lobby offers Texas Hold ’em, Omaha, and five-card Omaha. You can choose between the blinds, which range up to 162 for small, 20,000 for medium, and 20,000 for high. Additionally, there are cash games that qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot promotion, tournaments, Cosmic Spins, and OFC.

CoinPoker does not have the usual bonuses. As it was operating as a commission-free platform, they came up with community contributions which are a community pot, in essence, given away to players. You can check the website for Community Contributions, as it often changes. However, at the moment:

  • Cash Games – 4%
  • Tournaments – 7%
  • Cosmic Spins – 5%
  • OFC – 2%

Apart from slow-paced games, you can see some nose-bleed action featuring Tony G and Laszlo Bujtas or Omaha4Rollz. In addition, renowned names in the poker industry often visit CoinPoker, and if you are lucky, you can see Isabelle Mercier and Viktor Blom or Isildur1. Apart from the famous nicknames that are recognizable on almost any platform, the CoinPoker platform allows you to play anonymously. Once you sign up, the platform asks for your name, email, and personal wallet address.


You can play CoinPoker on Android, Windows, macOS, and iOS.

Real Money

CoinPoker is a crypto poker room, which means you need to exchange cryptocurrency on an exchange and send it to your wallet before you can play. The platform caters to its native coin, CHP, which currently costs $0.09959. However, you can deposit or withdraw money in USDT, BTC, ETH, and CHP.



In the end, the concept is the most significant difference between the two. Poker Club vs. CoinPoker, these two have one thing in common, which is a poker game. However, when you look at the bigger picture, they are entirely different, not just the graphics and the fact that one of them is a game, but the concept.

First, a poker club game might suit you if you’re looking for a fun way to play poker with your friends. However, if you want to get serious about your poker skills and extra money, consider playing crypto poker at CoinPoker instead. The most significant difference between these two options is how you look at poker games.

The biggest, wildest poker experience is at CoinPoker. Join our community!