Top 10 Crypto Card Games in 2023 | Best Crypto Poker Sites

Crypto Card Games in 2023 : Best Crypto Poker Sites to Explore Today

Many people describe crypto and online Poker as an excellent match. Why? Think about all the things you disliked in traditional sites and casinos. Blockchain allows you to play crypto card games such as Poker anonymously and get paid in minutes. In 2023, you can visit some excellent crypto poker sites and take a chance in their virtual poker rooms.

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Playing a Hand in Blockchain-Based Poker Rooms

The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions crypto card games is a bunch of teenagers playing racing games to win some pocket money. That may be true, but there are numerous crypto games available.

Why do people enjoy playing poker in the first place? Because the game is thrilling and comparable to real life. To guess what other people are thinking, you must read their faces. There is an unbreakable bond between psychology and strategy when playing  a hand of poker. In its early days it involved bluffing your way to a win. Nowadays, it seems more of a game of patience and knowledge.

Its popularity as a crypto card game only increased over time, and with blockchain technology, there are numerous crypto poker sites. So what is the difference between traditional and crypto poker? The game is still the same, and the rules are still there.

The real difference is in the background. In other words, how your stakes and winnings are managed. There is a high level of safety when playing crypto card games on blockchain, and there is no waiting for withdrawals as in traditional casinos. Even the fees are significantly lower than in typical banking systems when you think about it.

Best Crypto Poker Sites and Crypto Card Games to Play in 2023

To summarize, crypto poker sites allow you to play poker anonymously from the comfort of your home and collect rewards faster than in traditional poker rooms. The only thing you need is patience, strategy, a digital wallet, and an email address. So, let’s look at a selection of ten crypto poker sites where you can play crypto card games today.


CoinPoker is an Ethereum-based platform that uses a stable coin as the primary in-game currency and CHP as a bonus while also providing all of the benefits of the crypto world. As a result, the platform offers excellent value for both players and members of the cryptocurrency community. In their rank, there is Antanas Guoga – Tony G as an advisor and Isabelle Mercier as Chief Community Manager.

CoinPoker started in 2017 in Canada as one of the top options on the market, offering up-close hands with some of the greatest names in the poker game. Seasoned poker players saw an opportunity in blockchain technology to develop and improve online Poker.

CoinPoker is undoubtedly the most exciting poker platform globally, with a clutter-free minimal design. Aside from prominent poker players and many other advantages, the poker rooms have one more ace. Unlike other crypto poker sites, CoinPoker does not require a credit card when signing up; instead, it requires an email address and a phone number for verification. If you do not want to share your phone number, you can use Civic, a blockchain identity verification service.

The platform is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. All you need is a nickname, and you can enter the poker rooms and play some of the best crypto card games in the world. Although traditional poker sites still maintain prevalence in traffic, CoinPoker has earned its spot in the top 50 highest-ranking crypto poker sites worldwide, offering players who pay Community Contributions in CHP 30% Rakeback every Monday.

CoinPoker participants deposit, withdraw, and place bets using a stablecoin-USDT (TETHER[₮]) powered by cryptocurrency transactions. In addition to making Ethereum blockchain transactions more accessible and more secure, the site had more than 90,000 active players at its peak time. The platform offers options for deposit and withdrawal in several cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, MATIC, BNB, the stablecoins USDT, BUSD, and of course, Coinpoker’s native CHP token.

Because of CoinPoker’s frequent freerolls, tournaments are more popular than cash games. The high tournament participation on CoinPoker is because many of the matches offer a free first buy-in with the option of re-buying and adding on using the platforms designated stablecoin USDT (TETHER [₮]). On CoinPoker, freeroll tournaments, often known as “Freebuy” events, provide many benefits, including winning entry into tournaments with large stablecoin prize pools. CoinPoker also offers the ever-popular jackpot Sit & Go format called ‘Cosmic Spins.’ In addition to this, they host the Crypto Series of Poker (CSOP) and the Mini Crypto Series of Poker (CSOP Mini). These are the poker room’s premier online cryptocurrency-based poker events.

There are plenty of choices in the game lobby: NL hold ’em, Pot-limit Omaha, Open Face Chinese, and Bad Beat Jackpot. However, the Texas hold’em and Omaha poker lobbies are always buzzing with activity. Remarkably, CoinPoker offers the favored cash game format of 6-max and heads up tables at high stakes only. The 6-max tables presented are with or without antes and regular (100bb max) or deep (200bb max) buy-ins.

Texas Hold’Em Crypto Poker

Texas Hold'Em Crypto Poker

Texas Hold’Em might be the most popular game of all time. Although it dates back to the early 20th century, TV shows and movies in the 2000s widely popularized the game. The game’s goal involves strategic thinking, and it’s necessary to win every hand but keep the steady flow and win over time. Of course, players often wish for the best possible flop.

Texas hold’em has two hole cards, the cards dealt in the beginning, and five community cards. Following that, players can either match the big blind to continue the round or raise if they have a solid hand or attempt to bluff their way through.

CoinPoker has several crypto card games to offer. However, Texas hold’em is always the most popular one. It is especially evident in tournaments since they create massive prize pools from the players’ stablecoin buy-ins. There are different types of contests on CoinPoker, and they range from free to enter Flyby Freebuy Satellites to small buy-in ₮1 and ₮2 tournaments. The big weekly Sunday Special has  a ₮200 entry price and the option of rebuys.

Of course, with a more significant buy-in, the prize pool increases. However, if you are a casual player, you can join or leave a cash game. The blinds on cash games never increase, and you can choose different levels depending on your budget.

Real Poker

Real Poker

Real Poker is another blockchain-based crypto poker site working with Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Absolute Poker was founded in 2018 by Grasp Gaming Company in India. The platform offers poker games, such as Flip a coin, and sports betting.

The Real Poker platform is designed to play poker games within the Internet browser. The interface is easy to maneuver, but it can challenge novice players. You can download their mobile app. Unfortunately, they only support Android OS.

A word of advice, if you plan to play on this crypto poker site, make sure to check if they allow players from your homeland. Somewhere in between the games and terms and conditions, the site banned players from approximately 47 countries, including the Americas, parts of Europe, and the middle east. However, Real Poker offers you a free 0.0015 BTC to test their game.

As for the poker games, Real Poker offers only Texas Hold’Em, or more precisely, No Limit is the most popular one. The favorite mode seems to be Cash Games, although they offer Sit & Go and traditional tournaments. The exciting feature is that a player can customize an in-game table by choosing the design. Before the game starts, Bitcoins are converted into poker chips. Rakes are currently at 3.8%, and some tables go even higher.

The site is oriented toward Indian players, and the withdrawals to bank accounts are only available via Indian banks. There is also a daily withdrawal limit of one transaction in 24 hours.

Virtue Poker

Virtue Poker

Ryan Gittleson founded Virtue Poker in 2015 on the Ethereum blockchain as a decentralized online poker platform. The concept was quickly fostered by ConsenSys, a respectable and well-known business in the crypto industry that builds decentralized software. Joe Lubin, one of the Ethereum blockchain’s co-founders, and Damian Sokol, the former CEO of PokerStrategy, serve on Virtue Poker’s advisory board.

Virtue poker platform is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Mobile support only iOS. When you look at the platform overall, it is aimed at US players. It abides by a protocol when signing up new players. There is a ton of information required before a player can enter the realm of Virtue Poker. They have to create an uPort identity and receive an affirmation of their country of residence. Apart from the verification process, the players need an address on the Light wallet.

Games, the platform offers users an option to create a private match and invite users to join. The lobby displays these games if they are publically available. Players can join these games once they send ETH or Virtue Player Points (VPP) to the address. In May 2018, Virtue Poker held a token sale in which we sold 100 million tokens at 4,000 VPPs = 1 ETH.

Virtue Poker has different modes, including Cash Game Tables, Sit & Go Tables, and Multi-Step Tournaments. In addition, the team often organizes draws in which real money and a ticket to the poker championship are dealt with players. As a result, their rake is pretty solid, and it’s stable at 5%.

The poker room’s game selection is limited to Hold ’em and Omaha. Virtue Poker is a fantastic platform with a bright future and a token system. However, they are expanding slowly, and only time will tell if they will be able to compete with some of the larger online poker companies.

Blockchain Poker

Blockchain Poker

One of the quaint places to go and enjoy the poker game is Blockchain Poker. It was established in 2016. As a result, there is less traffic than on the other crypto card game sites. What makes the platform different from the others is that you don’t need to sign up if you want to play a hand. So naturally, there are plenty of benefits if you decide to sign up on Blockchain poker.

The blockchain poker interface is simple, and there is an ongoing chat room in addition to the view on the poker table, giving you the impression that you are there in the middle of all the action. In addition, Blockchain Poker has a 100 satoshi no-deposit bonus. Then, of course, there is another 350 chip bonus once you sign up to the platform.

Signup is easy as there will be a welcome screen popup once you enter this crypto poker site if you are using the Internet Browser. Then, by clicking the Let’s Go button, the site will create an anonymous account without asking for an email address or identity information.

If you decide to make a deposit, you can play your cards at the Sit & Go tournaments. Speaking of games, there isn’t a wide selection in the lobby. However, Omaha Poker attracts all the attention. One of the exciting features is creating your poker table, customizing it to your liking, and sending the word out to other players. These tables can be private, and only the creator can approve who enters the game.

If you decide to play Poker on this platform, know which countries they accept. Recently there has been a mention that the site accepts only players from the USA, Australia, and Canada.

Black Chip Poker

Black Chip Poker

Black Chip Poker was rebuilt on the foundations of Winning Poker Network. The site doesn’t show what they have to offer, but a lot is going on behind the front page. If you are looking for crypto poker sites that offer bonuses like traditional casinos, this is your place.

Only a deposit is left to play the games once the user leaves a nickname and email. If you place a deposit, the site gives you a 100% match welcome bonus of $2,000. But, before you do, keep in mind that your reward will only match your first investment. You can play the games on Mac, Windows, and mobile devices.

Black Chip Poker is well-known for its events and the weekly distribution of extensive daily guarantees. There is a vast selection of tournaments, and No-Limit Texas Hold ’em stands out by traffic. There is also a lot of action on real money games such as Pot Limit Omaha and Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo.

Apart from praising the software, users have nothing but praise for Black Chip Poker’s flat Rakeback rate of 27%. That rate is available to all users on the site and is given out every week. However, there is a country restriction for the US, which doesn’t have regulated laws about online gambling. Western European players might also be restricted from playing crypto card games on this site.

Jazz Sports

Jazz Sports

Jazz Sports, founded in 1994, is an online gaming platform that provides sports, casino, and racebook betting. While the platform homepage looks too busy for someone’s taste, note that it was initially created as a sportsbook. However, they offer access to 24 table games, such as Baccarat, Blackjack, and Caribbean Poker.

You will need a little more information than on other sites, like your name, email address, phone address, and date of birth to sign up. What attracts so much attention on this site is a plethora of bonuses. However, they do apply to certain games only.

JazzSports Poker Room choices will allow players to test out their games by playing for free.

You feel comfortable enough to play the real deal. There is always a button to consult the rules of the game and the operation of the electronic machine. Furthermore, Jazz Sports offers real money stakes and plays with Caribbean Poker.

SWC Poker Club

SWC Poker Club

SwC Poker has recently been rebuilt with new software and name. It was previously known as Seals With Clubs, established in 2015. SWC Poker is a Bitcoin poker room accepting players from all over the world without restrictions.

Although some claim their traffic is relatively low, they have plenty to boast about. For example, every hour, there are freeroll tournaments. In addition, it has one of the weakest rakes among crypto poker sites, with costs ranging from 1% to 2.5% for cash games. When it comes to games, their lobby has some rare variants of Poker, such as Hold ’em, Pineapple Hold ’em, Short Deck, Omaha, and Five Card Omaha.

A straightforward yet user-friendly design enables the players to access the rooms from Windows, Mac OS, and Android. All the player needs is a Bitcoin wallet, and they can enjoy the variety of crypto card games on this site.

GG Poker

GG Poker

GG Poker was founded in 2017 by a team of experts, including Daniel Negreanu, to the best and brightest up-and-coming poker talents. Its name stands for Good Game Network, aimed at Asian customers. Today it accepts players from every corner of the world except the US.

A trail of exciting features sets this crypto poker site apart from the others—for instance, hand protection with all insurance in a bad beat. The feature becomes active only in specific cases. For example, let’s say you’re the favorite to win the hand, you just made a bet of all-in, and your opponent happens to have fewer than 14 outs. The insurance covers the following card: the flop, the turn, and the river.

It also has an integrated system with social media, and the player can send the hand as a post, and the platform’s game analysis tool will measure the game statistics.

There is a 100% match bonus for players who sign up with GG Poker. Their selection of games is nothing less impressive. However, they stick to the most popular variants of Poker, such as Hold ’em and Omaha cash games and tournaments. Players who enjoy being in the center of the action can try the Rush & Cash fast-fold format in Holdem or Omaha.

Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Sports is a Bitcoin platform, and every transaction is in this currency. The platform has existed since 2012 as a sportsbook site. There are plenty of titles to choose from, and they have a selection of crypto card games like baccarat and blackjack.

However, there is a Nitrogen Poker room section, and they have a looser variant of poker games with more than 20 tables. There is no limit and fixed limit Texas Holdem, no limit Crazy Holdem, and pot-limit Omaha. Whether you are a solo player or enjoy playing with friends, you can select one of two options. Either a single-player game or a multiplayer game

The advantage of the platform is that users can create accounts completely anonymously without someone being able to recognize the—sort of incognito mode.

Bet Online

Bet Online

BetOnline has operated since 2004. Although the disappointing fact that it does not support mobile devices deters the players, the platform is one of the fastest in processing money withdrawals. When you take a step back and look at it, BetOnline is genuinely a gambling site where everyone can find a game to play.

It’s predominantly a sportsbook, but they are not short on casino games or even Poker, for that matter. For example, the popular ones include Caribbean Stud Poker, Oasis Poker, Pai Gow Poker. Despite the constant complaint of poor graphics, the new players sign up for a deposit bonus of 100%. However, it is released in five steps, and the average Rakeback is 20%.

If you have never used a poker odds calculator, you can find one on the BetOnline website as a neat feature for the players. In addition, the site offers plenty of entertainment through tournaments to spice up the play. There is a separate tab for these, and the list is long, so be sure to check now and then to see where the action is.

Final Thoughts on Crypto Card Games: May the Flop be with You

There is that humorous comparison between the Jedi force and the expressive power of the flop. However, the poker hand depends on the next card revealed when you look at it. Blockchain has changed so many industries, including the way we play Poker online.

Crypto poker sites are faster and safer to play the game and offer even more appealing prizes. There are all kinds of poker players venturing into crypto poker rooms:

  • mathematicians,
  • psychologists,
  • social analysts,
  • strategists,
  • and the ones that want to be entertained.

Whichever the reason behind your next hand of Poker, choose the one that will fit your needs in terms of games, tempo, budget, and withdrawals.

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