Sarah April 23, 2018

Join the ETH Madness and Win a Cut of 100ETH

The start of the ETH Madness tournament series has finally come! In just a few hours the first of th...

Sarah April 24, 2018

Another 100ETH Added to ETH Madness Reloaded

Starting today, our 100ETH GTD tournament series will be replaced with ETH Madness RELOADED: the new...

Sarah April 26, 2018

Meet the Latest Editions to the CoinPoker Team

As our platform grows so does the list of people who make it all happen. Joining our team are some g...

Sarah May 3, 2018

Interview with CoinPoker Champ and Emergency Doctor: upay4me

Someone call 911 (or 112 as they do in Ukraine), because emergency doctor Dani is on a poker winning...

Sarah May 9, 2018

Play the Crypto Series of Poker (CSOP) for 10,000,000 CHP Added!

The time has finally come to give back to the people who supported us from ICO to our thriving beta ...

Sarah May 15, 2018

Crypto Forecasts Predict that CHP Will Rise to $2.30

Quicker, more accessible online poker is in high demand, and the value CoinPoker delivers to players...

Sarah May 21, 2018

Password Safety Reminder from Our Security Team

Malicious browser cookies, data breaches on third-party sites, or logging into Facebook quiz pages t...

Sarah May 25, 2018

How to Deposit ETH on CoinPoker

If you struggle with purchasing CHP tokens on the open market, our ETH deposit option allows you to ...

Sarah May 29, 2018

More Team Members Join CoinPoker's International Forces!

More players, more promos, and best of all, more team members! We are happy to introduce the new fac...


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