Ready for high-stakes excitement without breaking the bank? Look no further than the CSOP Mini! With intense action, record-breaking participation, and massive prize pools, there’s something for every player, newbie or pro.


Gear up for an action-packed 10 days with the Crypto Series of Online Poker (CSOP) Mini. We’re featuring 40 exhilarating events and guaranteeing a total prize pool of ₮40,000. Don’t miss out on our CSOP ticket giveaways worth over ₮1500 – they’re all part of the package!

With buy-ins starting as low as ₮0.25, this is a series you won’t want to miss.


GameFormatBuy-in ₮Guaranteed Prize ₮
NLHE, PLO, PLO5Varies₮0.25 - ₮100₮100 - ₮15,000


Why You’ll Love the CSOP Mini:

For the Speedsters

Dive into our Turbo and Hyper events. They’re fast-paced and perfect if you like making quick decisions.

For the Planner

Explore new game formats like MonsterStack and DeepStack. They offer layers of strategic depth that you’ll enjoy navigating.

For Our Loyal Fans

We’ve revamped up our classic events like the Saturday and Sunday Specials. Enjoy the same game you love, but with new excitement.

No-Nonsense Poker

Check out our Freezeout Specials. You get one entry – no rebuys, no add-ons. Make it count.

₮100 CSOP Mini Main

Don’t miss the main event with a guaranteed ₮15,000 prize pool. It’s the crown jewel of the CSOP Mini series.

Extra Perks

  • CSOP entry randomly awarded in each event.
  • Freerolls: Enter these tournaments without a buy-in fee.
  • Freebuys: Free to enter, but you can choose to buy additional chips.
  • Satellites: Win these to gain entry into our bigger, more expensive events.

Full Schedule

The CSOP Mini runs from September 29th to October 8th.

DateTime (GMT)GameFormat Buy-inGTD
Friday, September 29th16:00 PMNLHETurbo, Rebuy + Add-on₮1₮200
17:00 PMNLHETurbo, MonsterStack Rebuy₮2₮250
18:00 PMNLHECSOP Daily PKO Baby₮5₮350
19:00 PMNLHECSOP Big Bang Mini Special₮15₮1250
Saturday, September 30th16:00 PMNLHETurbo, Rebuy + Add-on₮2₮300
17:00 PMNLHECSOP Saturday Warmup PKO Mini₮5₮300
18:00 PMNLHERebuy + Add-on₮10₮1250
19:00 PMNLHECSOP PKO Saturday Special Mini₮20₮1250
Sunday, October 1st16:00 PMNLHEDouble-Stack, Rebuy + Add-on₮1₮300
17:00 PM5PLOTurbo, Deep, Rebuy + Add-on₮5₮350
18:00 PMPLOSunday PLO₮10₮500
19:00 PMNLHESunday Special Mini₮20₮3500
Monday, October 2nd16:00 PMNLHECSOP Manig Monday Mini₮5₮500
17:00 PMNLHEHyper, Rebuy, Deep-Stack, PKO₮2₮200
18:00 PMNLHETurbo → Hyper MonsterStack, Rebuy₮10₮800
19:00 PMNLHETurbo, Rebuy, Double-Stack, PKO₮25₮1000
Tuesday, October 3rd16:00 PMNLHERebuy + Add-on₮0.50₮100
17:00 PMPLORebuy, Deep-Stack, PKO₮2₮200
18:00 PMPLOMarc Gork’s Omaha Tuesday - PLO Opener₮20₮1000
19:00 PMNLHECSOP Big Bang Mini Special₮15₮1000
Wednesday, October 4th16:00 PMNLHETurbo → Hyper MonsterStack, Rebuy₮1₮150
17:00 PMNLHEDouble-Stack, Freezeout Special₮5₮250
18:00 PMNLHETurbo, Monster Stack, PKO, Rebuy₮10₮600
19:00 PMNLHEDouble-Stack, Freezeout Special₮20₮1000
Thursday, October 5th16:00 PMNLHESuperTurbo, Rebuy + Add-on₮0.50₮150
17:00 PMPLOCP-Bounty, PLO₮10₮400
18:00 PM5PLORebuy + Add-on₮5₮250
19:00 PMNLHETurbo, MonsterStack, Rebuy₮25₮1500
Friday, October 6th16:00 PMNLHETurbo, Double-Stack, Rebuy + Add-on₮0.25₮100
17:00 PMNLHERebuy + Add-on₮3₮300
18:00 PMNLHESuperTurbo, Rebuy + Add-on₮1₮500
19:00 PMNLHECSOP Big Bang Mini Special₮15₮1250
Saturday, October 7th16:00 PMNLHETurbo, PKO, Rebuy₮1₮200
17:00 PMNLHECSOP Saturday Warmup Mini, PKO₮5₮400
18:00 PMPLOTurbo → Hyper, Deep-Stack, PKO, Rebuy₮10₮500
19:00 PMNLHECSOP Saturday Special Mini, PKO₮20₮1250
Sunday, October 8th16:00 PMNLHEDouble-Stack, Rebuy + Add-on₮1₮400
17:00 PMNLHEFiveO, Rebuy + Add-on₮5₮750
18:00 PMNLHEPKO, Rebuy₮20₮1000
19:00 PMNLHECSOP Mini Main₮100₮15,000

Please carefully read the terms and conditions governing this tournament.


Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


  1. Promotion runs from September 29th to October 8th, 2023.
  2. All bounty rules can be found on the CP-Bounty page.
  3. Any bounties earned during the tournament series will be credited to the player’s account within 48 hours.
  4. CoinPoker reserves the right to update and amend any tournament guarantees and tournament details as required.
  5. CoinPoker has the right to change these terms, suspend, or cancel the promotion at any time for any reason, especially if the promotion isn’t going as planned.
  6. We reserve the right to change these terms in cases of unforeseen circumstances that affect the integrity of the tournament.

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