Step into the excitement of CoinPoker’s Sunday tournaments, where you’ll find generous prize pools and multiple ways to win big. From our weekly highlight, the “Sunday Special,” with its ₮200 buy-in and guaranteed ₮30,000 prize pool, to a range of games like ₮2 ‘Micro’, ₮20 ‘Mini’, and ₮1000 ‘High Roller’—there’s something for every bankroll.

The action is even more competitive now, thanks to our recently boosted Big Bang Guarantees. And don’t forget, you can earn a free ticket for next week by knocking out the CP-Bounty!

Showcase of Sunday Tournaments

Don’t miss out on the largest prize pools and top payouts

TournamentsTime (GMT)Buy-insGuaranteed Prize Pool
Sunday Warmups15:00₮0.10 - ₮20₮25 - ₮1500
Sunday PLO18:00₮10 - ₮1000₮250 - ₮15,000
Sunday Specials19:00₮2 - ₮1000₮250 - ₮30,000
Sunday Big Bangs19:00₮4 - ₮150₮200 - ₮5000
Sunday Fifty's19:35₮0.50 - ₮50₮50 - ₮1500
Sunday Turbos20:30₮0.20 - ₮20₮50 - ₮1750
Sunday Savers23:00₮5 - ₮75₮200 - ₮1500

Looking to join our Sunday tournaments? Great news: We run satellites all week with entry points starting at just ₮1.25 to qualify for the ₮200 Sunday Special. To get started, head to the tournament lobby on desktop or mobile and select your satellite of choice.

For more details or if you need assistance, reach out to our support team. We’re eager to welcome you to our Sunday Specials, where top prize pools and exhilarating payouts await!

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