Sarah January 7, 2018

Michael Josem Talks Fair Play as CoinPoker's Head of Security (Part 2)

Seeking Advice from Community on Issues In recent months, CoinPoker has launched games using CHPs ...

Sarah December 31, 2017

Michael Josem Talks Fair Play as CoinPoker's Head of Security (Part 1)

Money Processing Poker was first played for real money over the internet around twenty years ago, wi...

Sarah January 25, 2018

Buy CHP Tokens on Our Very First Exchange!

We keep mentioning it, but it’s never enough, so here it goes again — we are overwhelmed wit...

Sarah January 26, 2018

ICO Stage Complete! A Huge Thank You to Our Supporters

Thank you all for participating in CoinPoker ICO — we are happy to say that it has exceeded al...

Sarah January 31, 2018

5,000,000 CHP to Win in Our New Tournament Series

If you’ve been on this journey with us for a while now, you will know what we mean; and if you’v...

Sarah February 3, 2018

The People Have Spoken~! Tournament Poll Results Are In

We were so glad to see nearly a thousand people vote for the tournaments they want to see! Thank you...

Sarah February 5, 2018

Get CHP Tokens on AllCoin: Our Newest Exchange

For these past few days, you have all been asking for the first exchanges in which you can get CHP. ...

Sarah February 6, 2018

Enjoy High Roller Events and More Cash Games in Our New Tourney Schedule

After we had the poll results, we promised you to make some changes — and starting today, you ...

Sarah February 9, 2018

Introducing CoinPoker Withdrawals

This is probably one of the top things you all wanted — and we’re happy to confirm that as o...


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