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Poker or Blackjack: Which One Is Better?

It’s often one of the most common questions between amateur players: should I choose blackjack or poker to play? So, today let’s look at what distinguishes these two popular card games. There is no doubt that poker and blackjack are some of the world’s most popular games of chances. And like all card games, it’s Poker or Blackjack: Which One Is Better?


It’s often one of the most common questions between amateur players: should I choose blackjack or poker to play? So, today let’s look at what distinguishes these two popular card games.

There is no doubt that poker and blackjack are some of the world’s most popular games of chances.

And like all card games, it’s always been about the odds. Still, that hasn’t stopped players from arguing over which of the two games is more profitable: poker or blackjack?

The fact of the matter is that it all depends on how you approach it. Different players will have different strategies that they all swear by, and there’s no guaranteed way to make it big playing either game.

Let’s look at poker and blackjack and see how these games stack up against each other.

Poker: Who Invented The Game?

CoinPoker users are no strangers to the rules of poker. They play it as standard Texas Hold’em, Omaha and 5 Card Omaha. But, do you know where the poker game first started?

Some believe that poker first appeared more than 1,000 years ago in ancient China, where it took the form of a domino-style card game. Meanwhile, other historians think that poker was derived from a 16th-century Persian card game named “As Nas.”

Some also theorized that poker is the descendant of a French card game called “poque,” which featured 3 cards and often involved bluffing. French colonists brought the game to the United States, and “poque” soon became poker.

From the glitzy casinos of Las Vegas to high-stakes poker tournaments, what is it about poker that draws in thousands of players every day?

Like all games of chance, it’s all about the thrill and the opportunity to earn serious money. Some poker tournaments offer cash prizes of nearly $20 million for those brave enough to try their luck against the world’s best.

So, if you think that you’ve got what it takes to make it big, let’s look at some winning poker strategies.

Before we get started, keep this in mind: as we mentioned there are many different poker games, and they all require different strategies. You can find 3 different variations in CoinPoker’s lobby, so download the app and try them all.

Most Efficient Poker Strategies

1. Learn How to Read Poker Ranges

In poker, ranges refer to what type of hands a player may have at any point time. Ranges will help you determine whether you should play a hand, raise your bets, or fold. When reading your range, keep in mind factors like:

  • The type of opponent.
  • Your opponent’s mannerism and.
  • Their betting patterns.

2. Never Play All Hands

While it may be tempting, never play all hands. Poker is 10% luck and 90% strategy; if you want to win, you need to play it smart. Your mission is to manage your risk and save your chips for when you get a better hand.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Fold

In poker, knowing when to fold is just as important as reading your opponent and doubling down. If you’ve got a decent collection of chips built up, don’t get greedy and fall into the poker trap. 

Better players than you have made this mistake on more than one occasion, and it cost them dearly.

4. Leave Your Emotions at The Door

Poker calls for monk-like concentration and the patience of a saint. From thrash talking to slow rolling, don’t be surprised by how far other players will go to try and rattle your cage, given what’s at stake.

This is why it’s essential to leave your emotions at the door. Be polite, be cool, and be calm. Don’t take anything personally, and keep your poker face on at all times.

Some of the best poker players in the world have elevated reading their opponents’ expressions and body language into an art form. This is why you must remain impassive at all times, so you don’t end up giving anything away.

5. Be Predictably Unpredictable

A poker player who can”t be read is a truly terrifying opponent. Amateur players tend to rely on proven but predictable tactics that are easily beaten after a few rounds.

Keep shaking up your plays and shifting between strategies to keep your opponents on their toes. You don’t want to be categorized into one specific kind of player: know when to fold and when to take your risks.

6. Know When to Bluff

While bluffing is an integral part of poker, you don’t want to end up becoming like “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” 

Depending on what’s at stake, some opponents will be more than willing to call your bluff.

Learn how to recognize these players and only use bluffs on them, when the stakes are higher.

Additional Tip: Keep Yourself In Good Physical Shape

Sure, poker isn’t much of a physical sport, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep yourself fit.

A physically fit poker player will have more energy, sharper focus, and much better concentration than someone overweight and out of shape.

Studies have shown us that exercise is excellent for your physical health and works wonders for your mental health, boosting your faculties. A fresher mindset might give you a significant edge over your opponents.

Is Poker A Game For Everyone?

Besides looking like a badass at the tables, there are plenty of reasons why you should get into poker, such as:

  • Poker is a skilled-based game that is less reliant on luck.
  • You need to learn how to read people and anticipate their next move.
  • The thrill offered by poker is unlike anything else.
  • The game teaches you discipline and self-control and forces you to master your emotions.

Keep In Mind Before Entering The Tables:

Despite everything great about poker, you should also bear in mind the following:

  • Poker is easy-to-learn – but challenging to master.
  • The game is highly accessible, so the poker scene is very competitive.
  • Don’t be discouraged if you get a few losses in the beginning, but learn from your mistakes.
  • You need to find the variation of the game that better suits your style.
Poker Strategies 2021

What About Blackjack?

Blackjack or 21 in some cultures is believed to be a French card game that first originated in the 21st century. Players play in the hands of 2 and can “hit,” i.e., draw another card. 

To win, players must have card totals higher than the dealer’s but not exceeding the number 21, hence its name. Alternatively, players also win when the dealer draws a “bust,” i.e., more than 21.

Best Blackjack Strategies To Try

Blackjack is a game of pure chance, with players relying mainly on luck to beat the house odds.

Still, there are other strategies you can employ when playing blackjack, such as:

1. Counting Cards

As blackjack is a game of odds, card counting can be used as a way to predict whether the dealer or player has the advantage. This is done by counting the high and low valued cards that have already been dealt with.

Card counting is based on the hypothesis that higher value cards, i.e., aces, 10s, 9s, Ks, Qs, and Js, give the player an edge, while lower value cards, i.e., 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, and 7s benefit the house.

Players will then use this information to decide if they should hit, surrender, or stand. In the 1990s, the MIT Blackjack team proved that card counting works, and they were able to rake in millions from casinos successfully.

Learning how to count cards is relatively straightforward but requires tremendous concentration to work. Do note that while counting cards is legal, doing so with the help of an external device is illegal and will get you in trouble.

2. Know When to Walk

Unlike poker, some instances of blackjack don’t allow a player to fold or “surrender” if they have a bad hand.

However, if the option to surrender is available, you should walk away when you have the chance.

3. Keep your emotions away

Similar to poker, emotions have no place at the table, and this goes double for blackjack players.

Some may be tempted to multiply their earnings or regain lost ground by doubling down on a hand, but this is not the way.

After all, it’s still a game of chance. So always wage responsibly and consciously, or you may end up losing everything if you try to change it.

Blackjack Strategies

Why People Play Blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world and it’s easy to see why. iI’s fast-paced, exciting, and easily accessible. Also, remember that:

  • Unlike poker, blackjack is more a game of chance than skill.
  • Here you’re only playing against one person – the dealer.
  • There is a fast turnaround time.
  • You can count cards to improve your odds of success.

What You Should Remember Before Playing Blackjack?

While blackjack is easily accessible, you also need to keep in mind that:

  • Blackjack doesn’t require skill – you’re relying purely on luck.
  • Fast turnaround time – you can lose millions in a single night.
  • There may not be an option to “surrender” or fold if you have a terrible hand.
  • Favored by amateur gamblers.
  • It is impossible to get when playing online – you cannot count cards.

And now, we come to the million-dollar question: should you play poker or blackjack?

The short answer is neither game is better than the other; while they’re both card games, they both require a different approach and they are suited for different players.

The Case for Blackjack

If you want something easy to play and has the potential for massive profit in a single night, with plenty of thrills, then blackjack is probably the game for you. 

More advanced players can also experiment with card counting and other strategies that may give you an edge over the house.

Nonetheless, remember that blackjack is believed to involve more luck than skill. According to data from May 2020, 44% of players are conscious that blackjack is a game of luck, while 35% believe it’s a game of skill.

Public opinion on blackjack as game of luck

The Case for Poker

If you prefer a game that is more skill-based, then we’ll say that poker is the game for you.

While it does have an element of luck involved, poker is primarily a skill-based game that requires strategy.

Plus, it’s a game that is often played with friends and acquaintances and is great for socializing.

Whether you’re bluffing, going all in, or folding, poker brings a lot more nuance to the table than blackjack.

Still, while poker does not have a steep learning curve, you might take some time to master it. You can read here the top 10 best starting hands in Texas Hold’em, the most popular form of the poker game.

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Final Thoughts

Both blackjack and poker are great games with their fair share of pros and cons. You just have to measure your chances and always wage responsibly. If you are looking for the thrill of a pure-luck game, pick blackjack.

Nevertheless, if, instead, you would rather master a skill-based game, join CoinPoker’s tables and start playing the game.

The best part about CoinPoker is that it makes amateur and beginners players feel accepted. With the Bad Beat Jackpot everyone is a winner!

Find thousands of other poker players at the tables today!

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