The Basic Guide to Using Transparent Card Shuffling on CoinPoker

Think of CoinPoker’s card shuffler as a magic 8-Ball, only that you shake it and an entire deck is shuffled to give you a random output. Instead of leaving all the shaking to the operator (in this case CoinPoker), our decentralized transparent RNG shuffler uses input from all players to generate that shake factor.

Participating begins by all players using a one-way cryptographic function with a secret “shake factor” to send away to all the other players and CoinPoker. CoinPoker uses all values to create the final shake value and shuffle the final deck.

The end result or final deck is something that all players have participated in generating, and below we’ll show you how to participate and verify participation using this exciting new technology.

How to Use CoinPoker’s Transparent RNG

Step 1: Choose any cash game or tournament in the lobby and look for the RNG icon on the bottom left.

Step 2: Choose any passphrase and, when you’re ready, click OK. When the phrase turns green it means that you are participating in the decentralized shuffle.

Step 3: Once the hand is complete, it will appear in the box on the bottom left with a clickable hand number. Go ahead and click it.

Step 4: Here is where you’ll find the Hand Hindsight feature, and be able to view undealt community cards and the ordered deck with the exception of four cards*.

*The omission of four cards is to ensure that users cannot make accurate guesses about mucked hands or cards. For example: if the 4 cards wouldn’t be hidden, in a heads-up game where no hands are mucked, all 52 cards could be revealed.

If you would like to learn more about our transparent card shuffling technology you can browse through the following advanced guides, or get in touch with our support team on Telegram with your questions. 

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