AstaCP October 5, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Poker Lingo: Part 3

After Poker Lingo Part 1 and Poker Lingo Part 2, this trilogy comes to an end. Learn the words and p...

AstaCP September 23, 2021

EuroLeague Basketball 2021/22: Preview, Analysis and Predictions

The last season of Euroleague ended in May, with Anadolu Efes winning the Final Four with a victory ...

AstaCP September 15, 2021

Cristiano Ronaldo Returns To Old Trafford: Everything You Need To Know

In what has been a rather whirlwind transfer window it looked like Lionel Messi to PSG was going to ...

AstaCP September 7, 2021

NFL Season 2021/22: Preview, Analysis, and Predictions

The last season of the NFL concluded in February, with Tom Brady winning yet another Super Bowl, thi...

AstaCP September 6, 2021

Once Upon A Time: When Mike Sexton Left The Table

Isabelle Mercier dedicates this Once Upon A Time to a poker legend who passed away in September 2020...

AstaCP September 1, 2021

World Cup 2022: September Qualifiers Preview, Analysis, and Predictions

It barely feels like we’ve slept since the European Championships and Copa America took place ...

AstaCP August 27, 2021

Champions League Group Stage 2021/22: Preview, Analysis and Predictions

It was just a few months ago when Chelsea was crowned the Champions League winner for the second tim...

AstaCP August 19, 2021

Serie A 2021/22: Preview, Analysis, and Predictions

Last week we previewed the Premier League. Now, we head to Italy, where the Serie A is about to kick...

AstaCP August 17, 2021

Once Upon a Time: Remembering Paris

Isabelle Mercier returns for another edition of Once Upon a Time when she recalls the first time she...

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