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AstaCP April 23, 2021

Top 15 Awesome Poker Related Facts and Stories

In this article, we’ll be looking at some awesome poker facts and stories that have surfaced o...

AstaCP April 16, 2021

Once Upon A Time: When I Decided To Become a Pro Player

Last time Isabelle Mercier recalled the time when she player poker in a movie. Now, we go way back i...

AstaCP April 13, 2021

10 Best Female Poker Players in 2021

Throughout the years, we have seen some amazing female poker players emerge and dominate the poker s...

AstaCP March 29, 2021

Once Upon a Time: When I Played Poker In a Movie!

Isabelle Mercier returns for another edition of Once Upon A Time. Last week she recalled the worst B...

AstaCP March 22, 2021

Once Upon A Time: The Worst Bad Beat Of My Life

Isabelle Mercier returns for another edition of Once Upon A Time, where she tells you the best stori...

AstaCP March 15, 2021

Once Upon a Time: I Won a Championship After 16 Hours of Play!

Last time on No Mercy Monday, Isabelle wrote about the time when she played the police at the poker ...

AstaCP March 1, 2021

Once Upon a Time: When I Played The Police

Isabelle Mercier returns to the series Once Upon A Time telling us what NOT to do at a poker table. ...

AstaCP February 25, 2021

Top Rules of Poker You Should Remember

Poker takes but a few minutes to learn but years to master. Many may consider poker as a game of luc...

AstaCP February 23, 2021

Top 5 Most Dominant WSOP Main Event Winners

The World Series Of Poker is the cream of the crop when it comes to live poker events. It is also th...

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