🍃 CSOP Spring

🔑 Key Features:

  • 41 events across 10 days
  • NLHE, PLO, and 5PLO
  • Buy-ins from 20 to 5,000
  • Over 1,000,000 in total prizes
  • 10,000 in added value

💡 CSOP Overview:

  • 🚀 Freeroll Start: Kick off with freerolls on April 18th.
  • 🌟 Opening Days: The series begins with an exciting ₮20 CSOP Opener and ₮50 MonsterStack event.
  • 🎯 PKO Days: Immerse in PKO action, leading to significant GTD events.
  • 🃏 PLO Focus: Mid-series days feature special PLO events.
  • 🔥 High Stakes: The excitement builds with CSOP versions of our signature High Stakes Tournaments.
  • 🏆 The Finale: Conclude with a grand finale, including the ₮500 Main Event and high-roller action.

💵 10,000 CSOP Leaderboard:

Play in CSOP events with up to a 500 buy-in and climb the leaderboard for substantial prizes. Score points through participation, in-the-money finishes, top placements, and by eliminating the CP Bounty.

  • The CP-Bounty participates in all events up to ₮500, awarding points instead of tickets for this promotion. 

Participation in any eligible CSOP event automatically enrolls you in the challenge. Your skill and strategy will dictate your leaderboard position.

📊 Points System Explained:
  • Earn 1 point for each ₮1 of buy-ins and rebuys.
  • Add 50 points for finishing in the money.
  • Secure an additional 500 points for 1st place, 250 points for 2nd, and 125 points for 3rd.
  • Eliminating the CP Bounty rewards you with 250 points.
🎁 Prizes Galore:

The top 20 competitors split the 10,000 pot. Prizes include passports to the Summer Showdown series in July worth up to 2,000 and event entries, ensuring multiple chances to compete and win. See the leaderboard.

1stJuancha7675₮2,000 Passport|16thlemonAUS4545₮200 Sunday Special Entry
2ndJamesPenguin7630₮1,500 Passport|17thseluubika4220₮200 Sunday Special Entry
3rdbarmoley7445₮1,000 Passport|18thAlekspoconoves4000₮200 Sunday Special Entry
4thzeromd7420₮500 Main Event Entry|19thRhyzmP3920₮200 Sunday Special Entry
5thWoopyGoldberg7240₮500 Main Event Entry|20thescabofas3845₮200 Sunday Special Entry
6thKalo1476225₮500 Main Event Entry|21stMaGuardaTeLaPower3750-
7thPierceHawthorne6055₮500 Main Event Entry|22ndMozart3333675-
8thfronghu5745₮500 Main Event Entry|23rdm0bt0m3495-
9thGmGmKongz5700₮500 Main Event Entry|24thJBenjamin3335-
10thMDMApex5660₮500 Main Event Entry|25thLuvejo3335-
11thGutterNutter5030₮200 Sunday Special Entry|26thsk0ln13x3310-
12thFreeAgentX4960₮200 Sunday Special Entry|27thdisshitconfusing3300-
13thOTBLimitLove4910₮200 Sunday Special Entry|28thGaviiiGavii3215-
14thjjjjjj4845₮200 Sunday Special Entry|29thBiggButtBenjamin3200-
15thcazcooo4560₮200 Sunday Special Entry|30thElithlia3000-

The leaderboard is updated every day at 12pm GMT.

🗓️ Full Schedule

Time (GMT)GameEvent Buy-inGTDResults
Friday, April 19th17:00NLHE#1 CSOP Opener₮20₮2,500🥇ahorasi🥈4TOcEBALOM🥉zeromd
18:00NLHE#2 CSOP MonsterStack₮50₮2,500🥇Luvejo🥈FloppedNuts🥉trica
19:00NLHE#3 CSOP Big Bang Mid₮75₮3,500🥇CptCap🥈GmGmKongz🥉

Saturday, April 20th17:00NLHE#4 CSOP Saturday Warmup PKO₮50₮2,500🥇dontop1🥈blueMoon🥉Chikibryak
18:00NLHE#5 CSOP PKO Deepstack₮20₮1,500🥇Kalo147🥈jjjjjj🥉MDMApex
19:00NLHE#6 CSOP Saturday Special₮200₮10,000🥇HazesLip🥈CP-Bounty🥉cazcooo
Sunday, April 21st18:00NLHE#7 CSOP Sunday Big Fifty₮50₮10,000🥇ancion🥈Grotemeneer🥉ozvocaat
18:00PLO#8 CSOP Sunday PLO Max₮100₮4,000🥇RhyzmP🥈ajuuus🥉JNandez
18:30NLHE#9 CSOP Phoenix PKO₮500₮75,000🥇ningew🥈4cardsreg🥉bunny12
19:00NLHE#10 CSOP SUNDAY SPECIAL MINI₮20₮5,000🥇SUNRUNNER🥈Memori🥉xherdan91
19:00NLHE#11 CSOP SUNDAY SPECIAL₮200₮50,000🥇Luvejo🥈Knutss🥉thanos
Monday, April 22nd17:00NLHE#12 CSOP Turbo₮25₮1,500🥇FlipWinner🥈mareil1🥉zikurubu
18:00NLHE#13 CSOP Daily PKO₮50₮1,750🥇fronghu🥈CBR600RR🥉Hourglass
19:00NLHE#14 CSOP Big Bang Special₮150₮7,500🥇GmGmKongz🥈JamesPenguin🥉HerrUngst
Tuesday, April 23rd17:00PLO5#15 CSOP PLO5 Deepstack₮25₮1,000🥇Juancha🥈MrDoubleU🥉millou
18:30PLO#16 CSOP Marc Gork's Omaha Main Event₮75₮1,750🥇JamesPenguin🥈GamblersFallacy🥉playataloc
19:30PLO#17 CSOP Marc Gork's Omaha HR₮150₮3,000🥇Middleton77🥈BiggButtBenjamin🥉MrDoubleU
Wednesday, April 24th17:00NLHE#18 CSOP Monster Stack Turbo₮50₮3,000🥇OTBLimitLove🥈GaviiiGavii🥉itsatarp
18:00NLHE#19 CSOP Freezeout, Deepstack, 6-max₮100₮5,000🥇GmGmKongz🥈ebandit🥉inghetata
19:30NLHE#20 CSOP Midweek Knockout₮20₮1,200🥇Doomed🥈ImJustin19🥉ATHElST
Thursday, April 25th17:00PLO#21 CSOP PLO₮100₮5000🥇MDMApex🥈RhyzmP🥉assel007
18:00NLHE#22 CSOP PKO₮100₮3,000🥇rlieakn9🥈fronghu🥉MDMApex
18:30NLHE#23 CSOP Monster Stack Turbo₮50₮2,500🥇PINBALLFLIPP🥈Jaimestm99🥉WoopyGoldberg
19:00NLHE#24 CSOP NoMercy Shooting Star₮30₮3,500🥇m0bt0m🥈GamblersFallacy🥉Juancha
19:00NLHE#25 CSOP Big Bang Mid₮75₮2,750🥇Kalo147🥈JamesPenguin🥉Juancha
20:00NLHE#26 CSOP Big Stack Max₮300₮8,000🥇seluubika🥈Leonische🥉LukaDonkic
Friday, April 26th17:00NLHE#27 CSOP Rebuy + Addon₮25₮2,500🥇FreeAgentX🥈jajo259🥉GutterNutter
18:00NLHE#28 CSOP Deepstack 6-max₮100₮5,000🥇ebandit🥈inghetata🥉Mickael10
19:00NLHE#29 CSOP Big Bang Special₮150₮7,500🥇Juancha🥈oi2hlbt8Iq🥉jjjjjj
Saturday, April 27th17:00NLHE#30 CSOP PKO MonsterStack₮25₮1,500🥇LLlapuk🥈Juancha🥉ChrisJ00
18:00PLO#31 CSOP PKO Deep Stack₮100₮3,000🥇disshitconfusing🥈Leonische🥉entr0py
19:00NLHE#32 CSOP Saturday Special₮200₮12,000🥇disshitconfusing🥈EmillionS00n🥉escabofas
Sunday, April 28th17:00NLHE#33 CSOP Rebuy + Addon₮30₮5,000🥇zeromd🥈itsatarp🥉sousemnocao
17:00NLHE#34 CSOP PLO Eclipse₮1000₮150,000🥇drkaviar🥈Bitcoinboi🥉MrainerWinkler
18:00PLO#36 CSOP Sunday Big Fifty₮50₮10,000🥇Momer🥈GrownUpGuy🥉ReddyHD
17:00PLO#35 CSOP PLO Tycoon₮5,000₮200,000🥇Freewood🥈MrainerWinkler🥉Mozart333
18:30NLHE🏆 CSOP MAIN EVENT 🏆₮500₮100,000🥇Tsubasa222🥈JBenjamin🥉JoohnD
19:00NLHE#40 CSOP SUNDAY SPECIAL₮200₮60,000🥇Juancha🥈Kriptonikas🥉Mozart333
19:00NLHE#41 CSOP SUNDAY SPECIAL MINI₮20₮5000🥇mexicali23337🥈Matigolo99🥉jrdmz
18:00NLHE#38 CSOP Nemesis₮5,000₮300,000🥇Trance🥈peledazmogis🥉Knighter
18:00NLHE#37 CSOP Falcon₮1,000₮250,000🥇assel007🥈ranthis🥉jsmackers
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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • Eligibility: Open to all CoinPoker users in compliance with local laws. Participants must meet the legal gambling age.
  • Promotion Details: Events run from April 19th to 28th, 2024. Event times, formats, and buy-ins are listed on the platform. The total ₮1,000,000 prize pool comprises the combined guarantees of the events. CoinPoker reserves the right to adjust the schedule as necessary.
  • Buy-ins & Prizes: Buy-ins from 20 to 5000, with prize distribution as per CoinPoker guidelines.
  • CSOP Leaderboard Challenge: Participate in events up to and including 500 buy-in to earn points toward a 10,000 prize pool. Points from buy-ins, in-the-money finishes, top placements, and CP Bounty eliminations.
  • Freerolls: Prizes are entries into the specified CSOP event with prizes being non-transferable.
  • Leaderboard Prizes: Top 20 share 10,000, with Summer Showdown passports for July series offered to top 3. Detailed prize distribution will be communicated via email.
  • CP-Bounty Terms: The CP-Bounty will participate in all events with buy-ins up to ₮500. For these events, rewards are in the form of points and not tickets. Note: Bounty prizes are not awarded for events with buy-ins over ₮500.
  • Conduct: Adherence to CoinPoker’s rules is required. Violations may lead to disqualification and account suspension.
  • Technical Issues: CoinPoker is not liable for losses due to technical issues beyond its control.
  • Disputes: Resolved at CoinPoker’s discretion in line with its policies.
  • Changes to Terms: CoinPoker may alter these terms and has the right to suspend or cancel the promotion if necessary.
  • Liability: Limited to CoinPoker’s standard user agreement and laws.
  • Draws & Awards: All prize distributions are completed within 72 hours post-series.
  • To opt out of leaderboard emails, contact [email protected].

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