Experience the thrill of Crypto Series of Online Poker (CSOP) Mini without breaking the bank! Over 10 action-packed days, dive into 42 events offering a total prize pool of ₮50,000, plus ₮5,000 in added value! Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned player, there’s something for everyone in this electrifying series.

🔑 Key Features:
  • 42 events, 10 days
  • NLHE, PLO and PLO5 events
  • Buy-ins from ₮1 – ₮100 with 30 events below ₮10
  • ₮50,000 total prize pool
  • ₮5,000 in added value
💡Daily Highlights:
  • Day 1: 💥 Big Bang Mini – ₮1,000 Prize Pool
  • Day 2: 🌟 CSOP PKO Saturday Special Mini – ₮1,250 Prize Pool
  • Day 3: 🎉 Sunday Special Mini – ₮5,000 Prize Pool
  • Day 4: 🎟️ Manig Monday Special – Top 25 Win Tickets
  • Day 5: 🃏 Marc Gork’s PLO Opener – ₮1,000 Guarantee
  • Day 6: ❄️ Freezeout Theme – Deep Stack Special with ₮1,000 Guarantee
  • Day 7: 💰 CP-Bounty PLO Event – 5x Bounty, Monster Stack Event with ₮1,000 Guarantee
  • Day 8: 🚀 CSOP Big Bang Mini Special – ₮1,250 Guarantee
  • Day 9: 🎯 CSOP PKO Saturday Special Mini – ₮1,250 Guarantee
  • Day 10: 🏆 Grand Finale: CSOP Mini Main – ₮20,000 Guarantee + CSOP Main Event Giveaway!


💵 ₮5,000 in Added Value

Join us for a chance to win big in our giveaways! We’re offering ₮3,000 in CSOP tickets and ₮2,000 in freerolls.

Here’s what you need to know:

₮3,000 in CSOP Ticket Raffles: Every event you play earns you an entry into our random draw. With 42 events, that’s 42 chances to win prizes ranging from ₮20 to ₮500! Check out the schedule below to see the value of the ticket you could win.

₮2,000 in Freerolls: Get ready for daily freerolls with entries worth up to ₮250 given away daily. These entries are your ticket to compete in the CSOP Mini events happening that day, giving you the chance to win big prizes and build your bankroll!

There’s more! Get ready for a surprise egg hunt from Friday 29th to celebrate Good Friday. Keep an eye on the Tournaments lobby to spot the “Egg Hunt Freeroll” events and see the prizes they award.

Check out the schedule to see your ticket’s value and get in on the action!

Full Schedule

DateTime (GMT)GameFormat Buy-inGTDAdded rewardRaffles' Winners
Friday, March 22nd17:00NLHEThe Starter, Rebuy + Addon₮2₮3001x CSOP Event #1 (₮20)Dagger93
18:00NLHEBig FIVE, Fast, Rebuy + Addon₮5₮7002x CSOP Event #1 (₮20)SUNRUNNER

19:00NLHEBig Bang Mini₮15₮1,0001x CSOP Event #3 (₮75)TryMeBuddy
20:00NLHEFreezeout₮3₮1501x CSOP Event #12 (₮25)Sanco
Saturday, March 23rd17:00NLHECSOP Saturday Warmup PKO Mini₮5₮3501x CSOP Event #13 (₮50)J9ngets
18:00NLHEPKO, Rebuy, Deep Stack, Turbo₮3₮3001x CSOP Event #30 (₮25)longli1988
19:00NLHECSOP PKO Saturday Special Mini₮20₮1,2501x CSOP Event #14 (₮150)MinhaVida
20:00NLHERebuy + Addon₮2₮2501x CSOP Event #21 (₮20)TheNickname5
Sunday, March 24th17:005PLORebuy + Addon, Deep, Turbo₮5₮3503x CSOP Event #15 (₮25)EvilPrime


18:00PLOSunday PLO₮10₮5001x CSOP Event #27 (₮100)TheNickname5
18:30NLHEDouble-Stack, Rebuy + Addon₮1₮3001x CSOP Event #10 (₮20)bjornr
19:00NLHESunday Special Mini₮20₮5,0001x CSOP Event #39 (₮200)comunistaRico
Monday, March 25th17:00NLHECSOP Mini Manig Monday, Rebuy, Turbo₮5₮5001x CSOP Event #18 (₮50)halis98
18:00NLHEPKO, Rebuy, Deep Stack, Hyper₮2₮2001x CSOP Event #1 (₮20)Kalachnikov
19:00NLHEBig Bang Baby₮4₮4001x CSOP Event #13 (₮50)Tooliodub
19:30NLHERebuy, Deepstack₮7.50₮7501x CSOP Event #3 (₮75)Baboo
Tuesday, March 26th17:00PLOPKO, Rebuy, Deep Stack₮2₮2001x CSOP Event #5 (₮20)SilverHawk
17:30PLOMarc Gork's Omaha Tuesday - PLO Opener₮20₮1,0001x CSOP Event #8 (₮100)Patchi
19:00NLHECSOP Big Bang Mini Special₮15₮1,0001x CSOP Event #25 (₮75)Knutss
20:00NLHEBig Stack Small₮5₮5001x CSOP Event #24 (₮30)comunistaRico
Wednesday, March 27th17:00NLHERebuy, Turbo/Hyper, Monster Stack₮2₮1501x CSOP Event #1 (₮20)diablo69
18:00NLHEFreezeout, Double Stack₮5₮3001x CSOP Event #15 (₮25)Luckyspoon
18:30NLHERebuy, Turbo, PKO, Monster Stack₮10₮6001x CSOP Event #23 (₮50)PierceHawthorne
19:30NLHEFreezeout Special, Deepstack, 6-Max₮20₮1,0001x CSOP Event #3 (₮75)Sharkozz
Thursday, March 28th17:00NLHERebuy, MonsterStack, PKO, Turbo₮2₮2001x CSOP Event #1 (₮20)BattMasile
18:00PLOCP-Bounty PLO₮10₮4001x CSOP Event #16 (₮75)Marciakas420
18:005PLORebuy + Addon₮5₮2502x CSOP Event #15 (₮25)BTAOY

19:30NLHERebuy, Turbo, Monster Stack₮25₮1,5001x CSOP Event #14 (₮150)CHupAAKK
Friday, March 29th17:00NLHERebuy + Addon, Double Stack₮1₮1001x CSOP Event #5 (₮20)ahmadhani
18:00NLHERebuy + Addon₮3₮3001x CSOP Event #33 (₮30)Vit4153
19:00NLHECSOP Big Bang Mini Special₮15₮1,2501x CSOP Event #19 (₮100)Arbaleste
19:30NLHERebuy, Double Stack₮5₮2501x CSOP Event #12 (₮25)Dagger93
Saturday, March 30th17:00NLHERebuy, Turbo, PKO₮2₮2001x CSOP Event #20 (₮20)Pruegelpopel
18:00NLHECSOP Saturday Warmup PKO Mini₮5₮4001x CSOP Event #2 (₮50)Rambfaavi
18:30PLOPKO, Rebuy, Turbo/Hyper, Deep Stack₮10₮5001x CSOP Event #3 (₮75)TheSuperG95
19:00NLHECSOP PKO Saturday Special Mini₮20₮1,2501x CSOP Event #14 (₮150)Scrabbleking
20:00NLHERebuy, Turbo, PKO₮1₮2001x CSOP Event #1 (₮20)aelk
Sunday, March 31st17:00NLHERebuy + Addon, Double Stack₮2₮4001x CSOP Event #12 (₮25)Vit4153
17:30NLHERebuy + Addon, FiveO₮5₮7501x CSOP Event #13 (₮50)pikeso
18:30NLHECSOP Mini Main - Rebuy, 100k Stack₮100₮20,0001x CSOP Main Event (₮500)pizzadelivery
19:00NLHECSOP Sunday Special Micro₮2₮5001x CSOP Event #12 (₮25)99macs
19:00NLHECSOP Sunday Special Mini₮20₮5,0001x CSOP Event #39 (₮200)LuRcHophone

🚀Experience the Thrill

Join CoinPoker for the CSOP Mini! Compete for your share of ₮50,000 in prizes and ₮5,000 in added value. Don’t miss out – satellites are running now! Get in on the action and experience the excitement of poker at its best!

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • Eligibility: All CoinPoker users in good standing are eligible to participate, subject to local jurisdiction laws. Participants must meet the legal gambling age requirement.
  • Tournament Details: Events are scheduled from March 22nd to 31st, 2024. Event times, formats, and buy-ins are listed on the platform. The total ₮50,000 prize pool comprises the combined guarantees of the events. CoinPoker reserves the right to adjust the schedule as necessary.
  • Buy-ins & Prize Pools: Buy-ins range from ₮1 to ₮100, with prize distribution following standard CoinPoker guidelines.
  • Raffles: Earn raffle entries by participating in events. The draw occurs within 72 hours post-series, with prizes being non-transferable and distributed within 96 hours.
  • Freerolls: Prizes are entries into the specified CSOP Mini event with prizes being non-transferable.
  • Conduct: Players are expected to adhere to CoinPoker’s terms and conditions. Cheating or collusion will result in disqualification and potential account suspension.
  • Technical Issues: CoinPoker is not liable for losses due to connectivity issues or technical faults beyond its control.
  • Disputes: Disputes will be resolved at CoinPoker’s discretion, in accordance with its policies and the platform’s governing laws.
  • Changes to Terms: CoinPoker reserves the right to update tournament guarantees and details, as well as modify these terms. The platform may suspend or cancel the promotion at any time, particularly if the promotion deviates from its intended course. Changes to terms may also occur in response to unforeseen circumstances affecting tournament integrity.
  • Liability: CoinPoker’s liability is subject to its standard user agreement and jurisdictional laws.

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