💥 Welcome to the Crypto Series of Online Poker Plus (CSOP+)!

Join us for an exhilarating three weeks of poker action from May 5th to May 26th, 2024. Dive into a diverse lineup of 14-18 daily events, featuring buy-ins from ₮50 to ₮25,000 and a staggering total prize pool of ₮25,000,000.

Climax of the Series: The series finishes on May 26th with four thrilling Main Events:

  • ₮50 Main Event: ₮12,000 guaranteed
  • ₮200 Main Event: ₮80,000 guaranteed
  • ₮1,000 Main Event: ₮400,000 guaranteed
  • ₮5,000 High-Roller Main: ₮500,000 guaranteed

Event Formats: Explore a range of event types including:

  • NLHE and PLO games
  • Regular, Deepstack, and Turbo formats
  • Progressive Knockout (PKO), Freezeout, and 6-max

Rest Days: Recharge every Friday. Use these days off to refine your strategies, and prepare for the high-stakes weekend events.

Satellites: Gain entry through our satellites running throughout the series. Visit the “Events” tab for paths to your preferred events.


🗓️ Weekly Schedule

To see the full schedule, please, click on the following link:


💎 Good Game 1% Admin Bonus – Promotion Concluded

Thank you to everyone who participated in our CSOP+ events from May 5th to May 12th. This promotion has now ended.

Promotion Overview

During the promotion, players were rewarded for their participation in any CSOP+ event with credits towards Main Event entries, effectively converting a standard 1% admin fee into a 1% admin bonus. Here’s a quick recap:

  • Participation: Players joined any CSOP+ event.
  • Earning Credits: 1 point was earned for every ₮1 of buy-ins.
  • Collecting Rewards: Players reached buy-in thresholds to earn free entries to main events. Rewards thresholds included:
    • 5,000 points for a ₮50 main event ticket
    • 20,000 points for a ₮200 main event ticket
    • 50,000 points for a ₮500 main event ticket
    • 100,000 points for a ₮1,000 main event ticket
  • Rebuys: Counted towards accumulating points.
  • No Hidden Fees: The 1% Admin Fee was transformed into a bonus towards playing more.
Next Steps for Participants

All winners have been credited, and confirmation emails will be sent shortly. Please check your inbox for details on your rewards and instructions on how to claim them.


Are you ready to dominate the tables at CSOP+? Join now and show us your skills!

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
  • Eligibility: Open to all registered CoinPoker players. Participants must comply with local gaming laws and be of legal gambling age in their jurisdiction.
  • Promotion Period: The CSOP+ runs from May 5th to May 26th, 2024. Details on event times, formats, and buy-ins are available on the platform. The total guaranteed prize pool is ₮25,000,000. CoinPoker reserves the right to modify the event schedule as needed.
  • Buy-ins and Prizes: Buy-ins range from ₮50 to ₮25,000. Prizes will be distributed according to CoinPoker’s standard prize distribution guidelines.
  • Player Good Game 1% Admin Bonus Terms: The promotion ran from May 5th to May 12th, 2024, allowing participants to earn rewards by playing in any CSOP+ event. Credits equal to 1% of buy-ins were accumulated towards Main Event entries. Participants received entry tickets at specific buy-in thresholds; if buy-ins fell short of a threshold, the next lower ticket was awarded. Tickets valued at ₮200 and ₮1,000 were valid for CSOP+ Main Events only, while ₮50 and ₮500 tickets could be used for any CSOP+ events. All rebuys counted towards total buy-ins, and there were no additional fees. The promotion has concluded, and all winners have been credited, with confirmations to be emailed shortly.
  • Player Conduct: Participants must adhere to all CoinPoker rules and regulations. Violations may result in disqualification and potential account suspension.
  • Technical Issues: CoinPoker is not responsible for losses or disadvantages due to technical issues outside of its control.
  • Dispute Resolution: Disputes will be resolved at the discretion of CoinPoker, in accordance with its policies.
  • Changes to Terms: CoinPoker reserves the right to modify these terms or suspend or cancel the promotion if deemed necessary.
  • Liability: Liability is limited to the scope of CoinPoker’s standard user agreement and applicable laws.
  • Award Distribution: All prizes will be awarded within 72 hours after the conclusion of the series.
  • Communication Opt-Out: To opt out of promotional emails, please contact [email protected].

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