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Top 10 Worst Poker Hands You can Get

In poker, the objective is to have the best possible hand. But when things go wrong, you end up with the worst poker hands? It’s common to have this nagging thought in your head: “How often does this happen?” So let’s take a look at the ten worst poker hands. What are the Top 10 Top 10 Worst Poker Hands You can Get


In poker, the objective is to have the best possible hand. But when things go wrong, you end up with the worst poker hands? It’s common to have this nagging thought in your head: “How often does this happen?” So let’s take a look at the ten worst poker hands.

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What are the Top 10 Worst Hands in Poker?

Getting the worst poker hand depends on different variables, number of players, game variation, and whether or not it’s a standard deck of cards. According to statistics, there are 1326 possible two-hole card hand combinations in a standard deck of 52 cards. Out of those possibilities, there is a 50% chance that you will get the worst poker hand.

However, when someone mentions the worst poker hands, people often think of the high card as the lowest-hand ranking card in most poker variants. But, in the end, the chances of getting a high card are very likely. So, let’s look at the ten worst poker hands that can put players at a significant disadvantage during gameplay.

2 and 7 

Offsuit 2 and 7 is the worst poker hand you can get. It’s so notorious that it has many names, devil’s hand, screwdriver, and many more. It’s backed by statistics that 2 and 7 offsuit players have chances to win in a game of eight players at 5.4%. There is, of course, a chance of a side bet that the player holding it will win the pot, which is highly risky.

The truth about why this hand is so notorious is that the two cards are offsuit, and the gap between them is sufficiently big to deter even the professionals. In other words, they can’t make a straight or flush, leaving them with a high card of seven, easily beaten by higher-ranking cards.

3 and 8

Offsuit 8 and 3 are also gapped numbers and less likely to win. The best hand a player can make, which is statistically possible, is a pair of threes which is not much against the stronger hands.

2 and 8

Same as the previous two, there is little you can do except perhaps get a pair of eights. Again, there’s a chance of winning, but it counts 5.8% in a game of eight players.

2 and 6

Unlike previous hands, six and two offsuit can make a straight as the gap is not that big between them. But as the general rule applies, there is a slim chance of getting a straight in the Texas Hold ’em version. So in a game of eight players, the chances of winning come down to 6%.

3 and 2

You must be thinking that they are close to each other. They are. But, this hand is often a master of disguise and the lowest-ranking cards possible. Which means any higher-ranking card can beat it.

2 and 9

When you get this hand, the best shot is to make a pair of nines in the next street. But, although this is a mid-strength hand, it can still be beaten with 10s and any other face card ranking above.

2 and 10

This hand gained popularity with famous poker player Brunson who got a WSOP bracelet while playing with this hand. But, in general, it’s considered one of the worst poker hands. There is little to play with; your best shot is a pair of tens or twos. In other words, you still risk a lot by playing it.

4 and 7

Especially when offsuit, this hand has poor chances of winning. However, if you are in a position, you can see the cards after the flop and weigh your chances.

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Offsuit 4 and King

People often get attached to that high-ranking face card like King in this situation, but it can cost them a lot more to keep it. Because by the next street, the situation can get wrong.

Offsuit Low Card and Ace

Similarly, the same rule applies when an ace is in hand. In truth, it may win occasionally, but when you sit at a table of more than four players, there is a slim chance. The first red signal is if your opponent raises.

Dealing with the Bottom of the Deck: What to do With Worst Poker Hands

Even the best poker players in the world get the worst poker hands, despite what you think. Unfortunately, it happens more frequently than you think. But the question is what to do with them? There are a few things you can do, depending on what type of player you are:

Bluff – As it happens, many players bluff, and there is a reason. The main goal is to draw out the opponents who are unsure of their cards or have a weaker hand than yours.

Fold – When flop arrives, and the community cards are not helping your hand, it’s a good moment to reconsider your options and resign the cards and bet you made. Why? Because in Texas Hold ’em, you never know what awaits in the other street because each one is unique and can turn the game around in a blink of an eye.

Patience – Many players are discouraged that they don’t play as many hands as they would like, and at that moment, they get impatient playing with the worst poker hands possible. Once you change your game, the other players may wonder what is so special about the hand you were just dealt.


Having the worst poker hand is often inevitable. They can be frustrating to deal with. But the truth is to stay calm and continue your game. A bad hand can sometimes become the winning hand, but it happens so rarely that their name precedes them.

The goal is to stay in the game and not quickly succumb to temptation. Although even the best players lose, make sure you have considered your knowledge, position at the table, number of players, and the game itself before playing with the worst poker hands.

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