Winter Showdown

🚀 Get Ready for the Excitement: CoinPoker’s Biggest Tournament Series 🚀


GameFormatBuy-in ₮Guaranteed Prize ₮
NLHE, PLO, PLO5Varies with 64 events₮0.25 - ₮5,000₮50 - ₮100,000


Series Highlights


🌟 Claim Your Share of ₮350,000
  • Prepare for our grand Winter Showdown, featuring a record-breaking prize pool. With 64 unique events, it’s your chance to win big and become a CoinPoker legend.
  • From fast-paced hypers to deepstack tournaments, find your niche and capitalize on our largest prize pool ever.


🎉 Non-Stop Poker
  • Daily events offering a diverse mix of formats and buy-ins.
  • More action, more chances to win, with six or more events each day.
  • Sundays supercharged with additional events and bigger prize pools.


🏆  Your Road to Glory: The ₮500 Main Event with ₮75,000 Guaranteed
  • Win your way into the ₮500 Main Event on January 14th. 
  • With plenty of satellite options available, you can earn your seat today. Check the tournament lobby for more information.

A Tournament for Every Player

At the Winter Showdown, there’s a game for everyone, regardless of your bankroll. From Micro to High Stakes, we’ve designed events to suit all styles and buy-ins.


🎩 Micro Stakes Magic

Enjoy a variety of 20 Micro Events starting at just ₮0.25, perfect for players who like smaller stakes. Plus, take advantage of numerous satellite opportunities available throughout the series to win your way into the other events.


💸  Low Stakes, High Potential

10 Events designed for substantial payouts, tailored for enthusiasts looking to score big without the high stakes risk.


🎲 Mid Stakes Thrill

19 Mid Stakes events await you, offering the perfect balance of risk and reward, where serious players can make serious gains.


🥇 High Stakes: Where Legends are Made

15 High Stakes events make this series a high roller’s paradise. Battle for 12 prize pools over ₮5,000, with a marquee ₮5,000 High Roller event, and seize your chance to dominate.


Full schedule:


DateTime (GMT)Game#Format Buy-inGTD
Friday, January 5th16:30NLHE1Rebuy + Add-on₮0.25₮50
17:00NLHE2Big Stack Mid₮25₮1,000
17:30NLHE3Mini Five, Turbo₮0.50₮50
18:00NLHE4Daily PKO₮50₮1,500
18:30NLHE5Big Five, Turbo₮5₮500
20:00NLHE6BigStack Max₮300₮7,500
Saturday, January 6th16:30NLHE7DeepStack, Turbo₮0.25₮50
17:00NLHE8Saturday Warmup PKO₮50₮2,000
18:00NLHE10DoubleStack PKO, Turbo₮25₮1,000
19:00NLHE12Saturday Special PKO₮200₮8,000
Sunday, January 7th16:30NLHE13DoubleStack₮1₮150
17:00NLHE14Rebuy + Add-on₮25₮2,500
17:30NLHE15Rebuy + Add-on, Slow₮2₮250
18:00NLHE16Sunday PLO Max₮100₮3,000
18:00PLO17Sunday PLO High Roller₮1,000₮20,000
19:00NLHE18Sunday Special₮200₮35,000
19:30NLHE19Mini Fifty₮5₮750
Monday, January 8th16:30NLHE20Rebuy + Add-on₮1₮150
17:30NLHE22PKO DeepStack, Turbo₮3₮300
18:30NLHE24DeepStack, 6-max₮7.50₮750
20:00NLHE25DeepStack, 6-max₮100₮5,000
Tuesday, January 9th16:30PLO26BigStack₮1₮100
17:30PLO28Rebuy +Add-on₮3₮150
18:00PLO29Marc Gork’s Omaha Tuesday - PLO Opener₮20₮800
Wednesday, January 10th16:30NLHE32MonsterStack, Turbo → Hyper₮1₮150
17:30NLHE34DoubleStack, Freezeout₮5₮250
18:30NLHE35MonsterStack PKO, Turbo₮10₮600
19:00NLHE36Big Bang Mid₮75₮2,500
Thursday, January 11th16:30NLHE38MonsterStack₮1₮100
17:30NLHE40Rebuy + Add-On₮2₮200
19:00NLHE42NoMercy Shooting Star₮30₮3,000
20:00NLHE43BigStack Max₮300₮7,500
Friday, January 12th16:30NLHE44Rebuy + Add-on₮0.50₮75
17:30NLHE45MonsterStack, Turbo₮2₮125
18:00NLHE46MonsterStack, Turbo₮25₮1,000
19:00NLHE48Big Bang₮150₮6,000
20:00NLHE49BigStack Max₮300₮10,000
Saturday, January 13th16:30NLHE50PKO, Turbo₮1₮100
17:00NLHE51Saturday Warmup PKO₮50₮2,000
17:30NLHE52DeepStack PKO, Turbo₮2₮200
18:00NLHE53BigStack PKO, Turbo₮100₮3,000
18:30NLHE54DeepStack PKO, Turbo → Hyper₮5₮350
19:00NLHE55Saturday Special PKO₮200₮8,000
Sunday, January 14th16:30NLHE56DoubleStack₮1₮250
17:00NLHE58Rebuy + Add-on₮25₮2,500
18:00PLO60PLO Max₮100₮3,000
18:00PLO61PLO High-Roller₮1,000₮30,000
18:30NLHE62Mini Main Event₮10₮2,000
19:00NLHE63Main Event₮500₮75,000
CANCELLED19:00NLHE64High-Roller Main Event₮5,000CANCELLED


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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
  • The Winter Showdown runs from January 5th to January 14th, 2024.
  • The ₮350,000+ prize pool is the sum of the guarantees.
  • Check the tournament lobby for the exact details of each tournament.
  • CoinPoker reserves the right to modify, suspend, or cancel any event or promotion at its discretion and without prior notice, particularly in the event that the series cannot proceed as planned.
  • We may adjust these terms to ensure fairness and integrity in the event of unexpected circumstances that may compromise the tournament’s operations.

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