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Dive into CoinPoker’s Winter K.O. Tournament Series featuring 30 thrilling events, running from February 16th to 25th, 2024. With buy-ins ranging from ₮20 to ₮200 and a total prize pool exceeding ₮100,000, plus an impressive ₮8,000+ in added value.

Daily Highlights

Day 1 | Friday Kick-off: 🔥 An exciting start to the series with escalating stakes, quick decisions, and rising bounties. 

Day 2 | Big-Bounty Saturday: 💰 Dive into strategic PKO action with Big Bounties, tactical plays, and a Saturday Special PKO.

Day 3 | Sunday Showdown: 🃏 Enjoy classic and innovative plays, including a Sunday Knock and an intense Big Stack PKO.

Day 4 | Strategic Monday: 🏆 Experience Deep Stack PKO action with longer levels, with buy-ins ranging from ₮20 to ₮100.

Day 5 | Tactical Tuesday: 🚀 A day of Big Stack PKOs, dynamic daily PKOs, and a unique slow bounty event.

Day 6 | Classic Wednesday: ♠️ Get back to basics with no fuss KO events.

Day 7 | Thriller Thursday: 💥 Start with a ₮20 PKO, enjoy CP-Bounty excitement, and wrap up with the explosive Big Bang PKO.

Day 8 | Hyper Friday: Experience 4-max Hyper PKOs with buy-ins from ₮20 to ₮100.

Day 9 | Super Saturday: 💪 Begin with a ₮25 MonsterStack and enjoy double PKO features with ₮5,000 and ₮10,000 guarantees.

Day 10 | Sunday Spectacle: 🌟 The series concludes with a ₮100 Sunday Knockout and the signature Sunday Specials as PKOs with increased prize pools! 

🎉 Over ₮8,000 in Added Value

$3,500+ in CP-Bounty Tickets: Keep an eye out for the CP-Bounty in every event; it comes with a boosted prize on its head. You’ll know exactly who to target! All prizes can be found below.

$2,500 KO Leaderboard:
Check out the live table below to see where you stand and what prizes await the top performers at the completion of the series on the 25th February (CP-Bounty not eligible for prizes):

4thJuancha56₮300 + ₮200 (adjusted)
5thHaxton55₮200 + ₮300 (adjusted)
20thCP-Bounty52Not eligible for prizes

  • The leaderboard will be updated daily by 12 pm GMT. 

$2,000 Ticket Raffle: Be prepared for your chance to win your share of ₮2,000 worth of tickets! Each event you take part in counts as an entry. So, every event you join could lead to winning these valuable prizes:

  • 1 x ₮500 ticket
  • 5 x ₮100 tickets
  • 10 x ₮50 tickets
  • 15 x ₮20 tickets
  • 20 x ₮10 tickets

Full schedule:

🚀 10 Days of Hold’em Knockout Action!

DayDateTime (GMT)EventBuy-inGTDCP-Bounty Prize (Winner)
1Friday, 16th17:00PKO Fast₮25₮1,000₮75 ticket (cazcooo)
18:00PKO Fast₮50₮1,500₮100 ticket (Yawweh)
19:30PKO Fast₮100₮3,000₮150 ticket (Grooperfish)
2Saturday, 17th17:00Big Bounty (80/20)₮20₮1,000₮50 ticket (Tache365)
18:00Saturday Warmup PKO₮50₮2,000₮100 ticket (aioros)
19:00Saturday Special PKO₮100₮5,000₮150 ticket (jjjjjj)
3Sunday, 18th17:00PKO₮20₮1,250₮50 ticket (Dembaya)
18:00Sunday Knockout₮50₮2,000₮100 ticket (Misuc)
20:00Big Stack PKO₮100₮5,000₮150 ticket (JamesPenguin)
4Monday, 19th17:00PKO Deepstack₮20₮1,000₮50 ticket (CristianRO)
18:00PKO Deepstack₮50₮1,500₮100 ticket (syad)
19:30PKO Deepstack₮100₮3,000₮150 ticket (Alekspoconoves)
5Tuesday, 20th17:00Big Stack PKO₮25₮1,000₮75 ticket (Hausverstand92)
18:00Daily PKO₮50₮1,500₮100 ticket (syad)
19:30Big Bounty Slow (70/30)₮100₮2,500₮150 ticket (Kalo147)
6Wednesday, 21st17:30KO₮20₮800₮50 ticket (pothole)
18:30KO₮50₮1,250₮100 ticket (syad)
19:30KO₮100₮2,500₮150 ticket (JamesPenguin)
7Thursday, 22nd17:30PKO Slow₮20₮1,000₮50 ticket (Bradbeat)
18:00CP-Bounty PKO₮50₮1,500₮100 ticket (syad)
19:00Big Bang PKO₮150₮4,500₮200 ticket (ToshiFomo)
8Friday, 23rd17:004-max Hyper PKO₮20₮800₮50 ticket (FakkaL / Phyton)
18:004-max Hyper PKO₮50₮1,250₮100 ticket (boruto)
20:004-max Hyper PKO₮100₮2,500₮150 ticket (TheBigBuddha)
9Saturday, 24th17:00Monster Stack PKO₮25₮1,250₮75 ticket (CP-Bounty)
19:00Saturday Special PKO₮100₮5,000₮150 ticket (DonStanislao)
19:00Saturday Special PKO₮200₮10,000₮200 + ₮100 ticket (cazcooo)
10Sunday, 25th18:00Sunday Knockout₮100₮4,000₮150 ticket (RhaegarT)
18:30🌟Phoenix PKO₮500₮75,000Top 3 ₮200 Sunday Special Entry (Wolfs00n, MrDAX, AboutTreeFiddy)
19:00🌟Sunday Special Mini PKO₮20₮4,000₮100 ticket (ImyImy)
19:00🌟Sunday Special PKO₮200₮40,000₮200 Sunday Special Entry + ₮100 ticket (plsnophotos)


📡 Satellites Running

Join us for big wins and exciting poker. Added Value satellites are running, and all tournaments can be found in the Events’ lobby. Don’t miss your chance to compete for prizes and enjoy the poker experience!


  • What is the difference between a PKO and KO tournament? In KO tournaments, players get a fixed bounty for each elimination. In PKO tournaments, part of the bounty is added to the eliminator’s bounty, making it grow as they knock out more players.
  • What is the mechanism behind split bounty prize pools, such as 50:50 or 80:20 formats? In split bounty formats, the buy-in is divided between the bounty and the main prize pool. A 50:50 split means half the buy-in goes to each, while a 70:30 split allocates 70% to bounties and 30% to the prize pool.
  • What is the usual bounty for eliminating the CP-Bounty player? The standard bounty for knocking out a CP-Bounty player is the amount of the tournament’s buy-in, unless specified otherwise. This applies to the final elimination. For more details, visit CoinPoker’s CP-Bounty page.
  • How does the KO Leaderboard function? Each player you knock out contributes to your position on the KO leaderboard. The standings are updated daily by 12 pm and can be seen on the designated leaderboard page.
  • How does the ticket raffle work? Participation in any event counts as one raffle entry, rebuys excluded. The raffle draw occurs within 72 hours post-promotion, with winners notified via email and announced on social media.
  • What is an Added Value Satellite? An Added Value Satellite is a special tournament that provides an extra value beyond the prize pool.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • Eligibility: Open to all CoinPoker users in good standing, subject to local jurisdiction laws. Participants must be of legal gambling age.
  • Tournament Details: Events run from February 16th to 25th, 2024. Event times, formats, and buy-ins as listed. The ₮100,000+ prize pool is the sum of the guarantees stated above. Check the tournament lobby for the exact details. CoinPoker reserves the right to modify the schedule.
  • Buy-ins & Prize Pools: Buy-ins range from ₮20 to ₮200, contributing to the prize pool and bounties as specified per event. Prize distribution follows standard CoinPoker guidelines.
  • Leaderboard & Raffles: Points are awarded based on knockouts for the KO Leaderboard. The leaderboard updates once daily by 12 pm GMT latest. Raffle entries are earned by participating in events, with the draw occurring within 72 hours post-series. Prizes are non-transferable and rewarded within 96-hours.
  • CP-Bounty: Bounties on CP-Bounty players are equal to the buy-in unless otherwise noted. Specific events may feature different bounty rules. Bounty payouts will be made for this promotion according to the stated prizes above as MTT tickets. 
  • Conduct: Players are expected to adhere to CoinPoker’s terms and conditions. Cheating or collusion will result in disqualification and potential account suspension.
  • Technical Issues: CoinPoker is not responsible for losses due to connectivity issues or technical faults outside its control.
  • Disputes: Disputes will be resolved at CoinPoker’s discretion, in accordance with its policies and the laws governing the platform.
  • Changes to Terms: CoinPoker reserves the right to update and amend tournament guarantees and details as needed. The platform may also modify these terms, suspend, or cancel the promotion at any time, particularly in instances where the promotion does not proceed as planned. Changes to terms may also occur in response to unforeseen circumstances that impact the integrity of the tournament, ensuring fairness and compliance with the intended competitive spirit.
  • Liability: CoinPoker limits its liability in accordance with its standard user agreement and the laws of its jurisdiction.

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