About The Promotion

The weekly prize pool is split between two leaderboards, one for NLHE and one for PLO cash tables.

Cash leaderboard points are scored according to the number of big blinds taken for Community Contributions, they are based on activity rather than stakes. That means the more you play, the more points you get! For the full points calculation, please refer to the terms and conditions below.
Important! Players paying Community Contributions in CHP will be granted 50% more leaderboard points. Time to hit that USDT – CHP converter.


NLHE Leaderboard



PLO Leaderboard


Please carefully read the terms and conditions to ensure your eligibility for this promotion.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

    • The Cash Game Leaderboard (referred to later as Leaderboard) includes NLHE cash and PLO Cash (includes 5PLO) Leaderboards.

    • Each week the top 50 players in each leaderboard, determined by the number of leaderboard points collected, will share a weekly prize pool.

    • NLHE Leaderboard Weekly Prize Pool: ₮6,000

    • PLO Leaderboard Weekly Prize Pool: ₮6,000

    • Total Weekly Prize Pool: ₮12,000

    • Leaderboard prizes will be paid out 72 hours after the list of leaderboard winners has been finalized.

    • Leaderboard points for cash tables are calculated with coefficients depending on the stakes at the table. The coefficients, which are based on the number of big blinds completed by each player, vary between stakes for NLHE and PLO as shown below:
        • NL2: 1 point for each big blind collected in Community Contributions (CC)

        • NL5: 1.75 points for each big blind

        • NL10: 3.25 points for each big blind

        • NL25: 8 points for each big blind

        • NL50: 15 points for each big blind

        • NL100: 24 points for each big blind

        • NL200+: 36 points for each big blind

    • Community Contributions paid in CHP reward 50% more leaderboard points.

    • The NLHE cash Leaderboard includes all NLHE cash game tables.

    • The PLO cash Leaderboard includes all PLO and 5PLO cash game tables.

    • Cash Game Weekly Leaderboard has now ended.
    • If two or more players collect the same amount of points, the player that won more in tournaments or cash games ranks higher. If the amount of winnings between both players is the same, the rankings are determined in random order.

    • Leaderboard points are allocated at the moment of buy-out. In cases where a player buys into the table (or tables) at 23:59 GMT on Sunday and buys out at 00:00 GMT (or later) on Monday, the Leaderboard points for this session will be allocated to the previous week.

    • It is entirely at CoinPoker’s discretion to eliminate any player from any Leaderboard race in cases of identified or suspected game abuse with the intention to compete for leaderboard points.

    • CoinPoker reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time at its sole discretion, including cancellation, modification or suspending the operation of the Promotion if CoinPoker believes that the Promotion is not capable of being conducted as specified.

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