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Developed by an ambitious team of poker lovers, CoinPoker is a revolutionary blockchain technology-based platform that uses USDT stablecoin as the main ingame currency and CHP as bonusing fuel, offering all benefits of the crypto world alongside.

Instant and secure transactions using USDT, ETH, BTC or CHP tokens and no KYC checks - the privileges our players get, together with huge promotions giving away thousands in fiat value each week.

CHP is the currency of the CoinPoker economy. It provides players with exclusive benefits and supports future developments delivered to our community.

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Easy to Access

Easy to AccessPlayers from all over the world can access our desktop client and use either USDT, CHP, BTC or ETH to deposit or withdraw from their CoinPoker account from anywhere in the world.

Available on Mobile

Available on MobilePlayers can download CoinPoker’s mobile application to access the same tournaments, cash games, and crypto poker experience on the go. All of the games are available on vertical tables too.


Community-CentricOur growing community of crypto poker fans are our greatest asset and top priority. Feedback, ideas, and opinions are always welcome from our players.

Player Promotions

Player PromotionsWe are a community-focused brand, therefore we aim to offer you the best possible promotions in an online poker industry. We are proud to have given away a Tesla, thousands of USDT, ETH, BTC and millions in CHP already, and it's just the beginning of what’s to come!

100% Decentralized

100% DecentralizedOur highly advanced RNG is now fully decentralized. You as a player can, at any time, view your impact on the card shuffling. This is a groundbreaking feature, first of its kind in the industry!


Rene BoutestijnRené Boutestijn

Chief Development Officer René is an online gaming software engineer with more than a decade of experience working in the field. As a lead developer, he specialized in building multi-player online-based games like poker, backgammon, chess, rummy, and other card games. René’s extensive background in the industry allows him to build on best principles as well as deliver with the latest innovations in the industry.

Justas KregzdeJustas Kregždė

CTO & Smart Contract Developer Justas is an online gaming software developer with more than 12 years of experience in the field. In addition to that, he is an author & a contributor of 10 published iOS and Android games. For the past three years, Justas has been working as an online poker software developer. Over the last year, he has been focusing on blockchain related projects & smart contracts.

Matt HultengrenMatt Hultengren

Head of Support Matt fell in love with poker while working at Mirage Resorts in Las Vegas as a table games administrator for several years. This was followed by a 10+ year career at PokerStars as Senior Manager of their support team. Matt has moved on to guide our team of support ninjas as Head of Support in delivering top notch service to our growing community.

Isabelle MercierIsabelle Mercier

Chief Community Manager Isabelle is a professional poker player, boosting more than 1,000,000 in total career winnings. She’s been in the poker scene for more than 15 years, and is a well-known Open Face Chinese poker guru. As a poker ambassador, Isabelle has a strong presence in the French & Canadian markets, and has columns both online and in traditional media. She has been nominated for Staff Person of the Year twice by the European Poker Awards, has her own instructional DVD and appeared in the documentary That’s Poker.

Alex Mishiev Alex Mishiev

Online Business Strategy & Digital Marketing Expert Alex is a strategy expert with an extensive background in e-gaming industry. His specialties include increasing profitability and maximizing efficiency, as well as determining growth engines. Alex has experience working at such companies like, Playtech, and The Nation Traffic and is a board member at various e-commerce companies.


Mike Segal Mike Segal

Cryptography expert Mike is an expert in cryptography and algorithms who has been active in the Bitcoin community since 2011. Mike has been an avid poker player for over 15 years and has created automated poker playing bots, odds calculators, and a provably fair game engine. Mike is the Chief Technology Officer at DigitalX, a leading cryptocurrency fintech company.

Danilo S. CarlucciDanilo S. Carlucci

Marketing & Communication Expert Ex online poker player, startup founder and marketing expert with 6+ years experience. Currently at Google, leading YouTube’s community efforts in the UK

Teresa NousiainenTeresa Nousiainen

Poker and Community Advisor Teresa is a gaming expert with more than 15 years of experience and is well-known worldwide in the industry. She is a respected figure in the Finnish poker market, as well as an acclaimed poker tournament director with a long career working on the European Poker Tour. She has also worked as a casino and poker product manager, who ran events for the majority of the biggest brands in the field.

Brian Thomas HallBrian Thomas Hall

Legal Advisor Brian is an expert in e-commerce, specialising in strategic and legal advice. His experience envelops advising both domestic and international companies on many different aspects of the field, including structure, development, consumer protection, skill games, and many others. As a seasoned professional with experience at BH International Strategic Consulting and Lazarus Charbonneau, he is well versed in gaming law and e-commerce.

Eugene DubossarskyEugene Dubossarsky

Data Scientist Eugene is a data scientist with nearly two decades of experience in the field. He is proficient in identifying data-based solutions and opportunities and ensuring they are understood as well as applied correctly. Eugene is a founder of multiple projects and communities, and he is currently a Director & a Principal Trainer at Presciient.

Chadd BurgessChadd Burgess

Quantitative Trader & Capital Markets Consultant Chadd has 15 years experience in the financial industry as quantitative portfolio manager and proprietary trader. He has worked in multiple jurisdictions across Asia and maintains an extensive network of funds management and crypto industry contacts. He currently is working on multiple projects aimed at integrating blockchain technologies with traditional financial capital markets.

Tony G Antanas Guoga – Tony G

Advisor In addition to being a highly decorated professional poker player, Antanas Guoga (a.k.a. Tony G) is a successful serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and politician. In addition being a Member of European Parliament, he is an enthusiastic supporter and advisor for CoinPoker. His business insight and influence in the pro poker industry are a huge asset to the team.

Mithil Thakore Mithil Thakore

Advisor Mithil is Founder of TeraSurge Capital, one of Asia's largest Crypto focused Quant trading desk and actively managed digital asset fund. He previously co-founded QuillHash, an enterprise blockchain services studio that has worked with 100+ institutions and governments globally to implement blockchain in their technology stack to improve their system efficiency. His industry knowledge and insight will be pivotal to determine future roadmap of CoinPoker's technology & crypto stack including CHP token's economics and building a sustainable global ecosystem around the token.


Simonin Owen (a.k.a. Hasheur) Simonin Owen (a.k.a. Hasheur)

CoinPoker Ambassador Founder of French mining platform Just-Mining, project leader of Smartcoin, and popular YouTuber Hasheur is an experienced entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast. His passion for blockchain technology is channeled in his work and videos, which aim to popularize complex technologies and promote new forms of investment that exist on the web. He will be bringing this enthusiasm to CoinPoker as brand ambassador.

Rob Campbell (a.k.a. robcampbell) Rob Campbell (a.k.a. robcampbell)

CoinPoker Ambassador Robert Campbell or Rob has he prefers it, is a well-known and highly successful poker player. Amongst his successes, we find WSOP Player of the Year 2019, a title he received after winning two bracelets that year. The first came in event #33, a $1,500 Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple. The second one came in the $10,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or better, event #67. Outside of poker, Rob is also CEO of his own esports team Neon Esports.


The Asian Poker Tour The Asian Poker Tour

Since 2008, the Asian Poker Tour has hosted dozens of major poker events across the Asia-Pacific region. Its broad range of destinations and the millions in prizes won by its participants makes it one of the biggest premier poker tours in the world.

PokerNews PokerNews

Since 2003, PokerNews has established themselves as a leading worldwide poker news & affiliate website. They are the official partners of high-scale events such as World Series of Poker, the PokerStars Championship, and many other international poker tournaments.

ValueNet Capital ValueNet Capital

Venture Fund Investors ValueNet Capital is a venture fund with an exclusive focus on investing in the most promising Blockchain technologies. Their biggest asset is the world-wide team of advisors and partners who all together open the possibility to be on top of every innovation happening anywhere in the world.

High Stakes Database High Stakes Database

HighstakesDB is one of the most influential high stakes poker news, tracking, and reporting sites.

DigitalX DigitalX

Financial & Technical Advisors DigitalX provide advice and insight into launching successful ICOs, as well as building up blockchain technology. Their expertise covers everything from corporate and financial strategies to marketing to analysis of blockchain models to cryptocurrency security, and with four years’ experience in cryptocurrency trading as well as blockchain development spaces, they can help build a solid foundation for any promising venture.

PokerTube PokerTube

PokerTube is the world‘s largest poker media portal, providing all the essential poker TV shows, live events and other relevant videos.


Players can withdraw in USDT, ETH or CHP by selecting either option under the Withdraw tab in-app. Click here for a step by step guide.
Simply select the BTC option under the Withdraw tab in the app. You can also withdraw in USDT, ETH or CHP, which we recommend if you’re looking for a fast cash out. Learn more about BTC withdrawals here.
Our System only supports the original BTC wallet address which is Legacy address, and it starts with a ”1”. BTC can also be withdrawn directly to the exchange if the BTC wallet is Legacy address starting with the "1".
There is no minimum deposit. Minimum withdrawal is 5 USDT.
Community Contributions come in the form of a percentage of cash games and tournaments. Learn more about how Community Contributions on CoinPoker works and what it means for players here.
Yes. Players paying Community Contributions in CHP get 20% rakeback every Monday. Read more about the rakeback here.

Civic is a blockchain-based project, just like CoinPoker. It specializes in safe and secure identity verification. Verifying your account is a simple one-time procedure that you can find explained below. If you need a visual guide, click here for an infographic!

  • First, download the Civic application on your mobile device. It’s free!
  • The app will ask “Do you have one of these?”.
  • Log in to your CoinPoker account. A QR code that Civic is asking for will pop up.
  • Click “Yes, I have a code” and scan the code you see on your CoinPoker app.

Please note that you will only be logged in to your CoinPoker account after you verify your Civic ID. However, this is a one-time procedure you will not need to repeat!

  • Now, click “Set up your Civic ID”.
  • Enter your email address and your phone number.
  • Verify your email address and your phone number.
  • That’s it! Your account is confirmed. You will be logged in to your CoinPoker account.

To bring transparency to CoinPoker, we introduced decentralized card shuffling software (also known as a random number generator or RNG). Unlike RNGs on traditional poker platforms, the decentralized card shuffler uses input from all players at the table to shuffle the deck in a way that is verifiably fair.

For more details about our decentralized RNG click here. There is also a 1,000,000 CHP Bug Bounty available to anyone who can prove the software wrong. For more information about the Bug Bounty terms and conditions click here.

Other useful guides

In terms of gameplay, Short Deck Poker is played just like traditional Hold'Em games. Players check, bet, raise or fold on each street, and there are 5 community cards on the table. There are, however, 3 key elements that make this game unique:

I. The deck contains 36 cards instead of 52, with cards 2 to 5 removed

II. The hand rankings change to the following:

  • Royal Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • Quads
  • * Flush
  • Full House
  • Three of a Kind
  • Straight*
  • Two Pairs
  • One Pair
  • High Card

III. Despite the lack of cards 2-5, you can still make a low straight with an Ace (i.e. A6789).

You can find Short Deck Poker tables in the CoinPoker lobby.

If you are already familiar with Pot-Limit Omaha rules, then the only difference in this variation is that you get one more hole card (so 5 instead of 4). For more details on how to play click here.

To play 5-Card Omaha on CoinPoker simple over to the lobby and make sure you have cash games selected. Once you’re there you will be able to find a range of 5-Card Omaha games with limits to suit just about any bankroll.

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