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December 12, 2019

Promo updates & Exciting guests

Our community is the core of CoinPoker and the feedback we receive has again spurred some action: Ex...

October 18, 2019

Galactic Grinders Updates: New SnG Leaderboard and MTT Scoring

Our Galactic Grinders Leaderboard promotion is one of our most successful long-term projects. With t...

Sarah December 16, 2018

The Basic Guide to Using Transparent Card Shuffling on CoinPoker

Think of CoinPoker’s card shuffler as a magic 8-Ball, only that you shake it and an entire deck is...

Sarah November 28, 2018

Compete for Your Cut of the Galactic Grinders 1,000,000 CHP Leaderboard

Ready to get your grind on? This December we’ll be launching our new and improved MTT Leaderboard,...

Sarah November 13, 2018

Reporting from Tokyo: Sponsoring the Japan Poker Cup 2018

As official sponsors of this year’s Japan Poker Cup, our team traveled to Tokyo to watch the n...

Sarah November 2, 2018

The Last Round of CoinPoker Hand Off Winners

Over the past few months, our CoinPoker Hand Off winners collected thousands of CHP in prizes. As ex...

Sarah October 26, 2018

The October Hand Off Finalists: Did Yours Make the Cut?

After receiving plenty of exciting hands this month, our team narrowed it down to 10 exceptional fin...

Sarah October 10, 2018

[BIG NEWS] Download the CoinPoker App for iOS

The CoinPoker iOS app is finally here! After much anticipation, the Apple fans in our community can ...


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