Cosmic Spins: Reach New Heights!

They say change is the only constant and we can’t agree more.

Following this thought CoinPoker launched Cosmic Spins. This game is never the same and you never know what to expect, until the spinning is over. 

You might come in thinking it’s just another poker round but end up sitting rolled up your sleeves, not blinking, fighting for that unbelievable prize.  

This depends on the spin, which multiplies your initial buy-in and determines the winnings before the game begins. The lowest multiplier is set at x2 and the highest at x1000. 

So, how high can you go? 

How is the game played? 

The steps to play are easy. To take off you will open a Cosmic Spins table that you’ll find in CoinPoker lobby. You will choose your buy-in, preferred table count (up to 9) and click ‘Register’. 

The game starts, when 3 players take seats, just as in SnG tournaments. You’ll see the reel spin before the game. It’s what we call a multiplier. Once the spin is completed all the players get to see the prize pool and the game begins. 

Until Cosmic Spins settle amongst our players it will be offered as Texas Hold’em with the prospect of having other game variations in the future. 

Now about the spins and why they are Cosmic

We figured blending spins and poker would work and we wanted this conjunction to be something unusual, out of this gaming world – cosmic. That’s how the x1000 multiplier came in. 

To put it to numbers, say you chose the 10 USDT buy-in, the reel stops at x1000 and voila – here comes the 10,000 USDT prize pool that you might be getting to your wallet. Wouldn’t you call it a cosmic experience? Chances are the spin will be less profitable, but let’s admit, the lowest multiplier at x2 is still a small fortune. 

The Cosmic Spins game is made to add variety, excitement, and adventure to your day. You’ll see, even graphics are insanely eye catching – animated aliens, asteroids, spaceship details. Everything you need for a Cosmic journey. 

Now a quick tip, for those who really want to play, but don’t like losing contents of their wallets: Participate in our referral program and earn 30% of rake collected by each of your referrals. This is a long-term deal. Your referrals will keep on piling you with CHP for as long as they play! You can read all about it here!

Curious about your chances to go really high? We have Cosmic spins odds broken down for you:

All the games start with 500 chip stacks.

430/60 3

Terms and conditions

1. Multipliers 2-20 reward the winner only. Multipliers 50-1,000 reward 80% of the prize pool to the winner and 10% to places 2nd and 3rd each.

2. Operator reserves the right to adjust all the variables at it’s own discretion.

3. 5% rake applies at all stakes.

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Now enough of this talk, experience the game yourself!

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