About The Promotion

Compete in our Daily Cosmic Spins Leaderboard and earn a share of the daily ₮500 prize pool! We run two separate leaderboards for different buy-ins: one for ₮0.25, ₮1, ₮3, ₮5 and another for ₮10, ₮25, ₮50, ₮100. Your rank is based on points, calculated from your final position and buy-ins.


How to Play Cosmic Spins

To get started, simply open a Cosmic Spins table from the CoinPoker lobby, select your preferred buy-in (₮0.25 to ₮100) and table count (up to 9), and click “Register”. The game starts when three players take their seats, just like in a Sit & Go tournament.


how to play cosmic spins


Before the game begins, the reel will spin to determine the multiplier for the prize pool, which can range from x2 to x1000! Once the spin is completed, the prize pool will be displayed for all players to see, and the game will begin.


cosmic spins funds


Cosmic Spins is currently offered as No Limit Texas Hold’em. The game is designed to add excitement and adventure to your day, with eye-catching graphics that include animated aliens, asteroids, and spaceship details.


Cosmic Spins Odds

The likelihood of hitting a specific multiplier in Cosmic Spins is randomly generated.

Here is a breakdown of the odds for each multiplier:

₮1000₮3000₮10,0005 / 100,0001000x
₮200₮600₮200020 / 100,000200x
₮100₮300₮100030 / 100,000100x
₮50₮150₮50040 / 100,00050x
₮20₮60₮200120 / 100,00020x
₮10₮30₮100800 / 100,00010x
₮5₮15₮509400 / 100,0005x
₮3₮9₮3034,430 / 100,0003x
₮2₮6₮2055,155 / 100,0002x


Remember, the higher the multiplier, the greater the prize pool, so get ready for a cosmic journey that could lead to big wins!


Game Structure

All the games start with 500 chips, or 25 big blinds. The first level is 10/20 blinds. Levels last 2 minutes with blinds increasing each level as follows:

Starting Stack: 500 chips (25 Big Blinds)


The winner is the player who accumulates all the chips.

cosmic spins poker



Get in on the action and stake your claim in the Daily Cosmic Spins Leaderboard’s ₮500 prize pool!

Please carefully read the terms and conditions to ensure your eligibility for this promotion.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
  • For multipliers ranging from 2 to 20, the entire prize pool is awarded to the first-place winner. However, for multipliers between 50 and 1,000, the winner receives 80% of the prize pool, while the players in 2nd and 3rd place each receive 10%.
  • The operator maintains the authority to modify any variables at its sole discretion.
  • A 5% rake is applicable across all stake levels.
  • CoinPoker reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time at its sole discretion, including cancellation, modification or suspending the operation of the Promotion if CoinPoker believes that the Promotion is not capable of being conducted as specified.

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