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The Deck is Stacked: High Stakes Poker Rules

High Stakes Poker Rules: The Deck is Stacked, the Game Begins  You might be knowledgeable about poker, but when you sit at a table with pros, the odds are against you because they are more proficient than you. So the deck is stacked, the game begins, and a lot of money is on the table.  The Deck is Stacked: High Stakes Poker Rules


High Stakes Poker Rules: The Deck is Stacked, the Game Begins 

You might be knowledgeable about poker, but when you sit at a table with pros, the odds are against you because they are more proficient than you. So the deck is stacked, the game begins, and a lot of money is on the table. 

Many beginners need clarification on why professional poker players play high-stakes games. It’s not because they increase the hourly value but because it’s a hobby and a constant learning process. They treat high-stakes games as a challenge and a way to analyze the gameplay and learn from it. 

Poker is exciting, but you need to know the rules before sitting at the high-stakes table. There are many poker variants, but we will focus on Texas Hold ’em because it is by far the most popular variant of poker played today. Before we go into high-stakes poker rules, let’s first look at some basic rules and the betting process.

High Stakes Poker Rules

The Basics Of Texas Hold ’em Rules.

The first thing you think of when thinking of high-stakes poker is those Hollywood movies with dim rooms and players staring at each other across the table. 

Texas Hold ’em is one such game popularized by big-screen movies. It is sometimes abbreviated as NLHE. The dealer uses a 52-card deck, poker chips, and a dealer button in this variant. Each player receives two hole cards placed face down on the table, and these are the personal cards. Players can bet on their hands, using five community cards dealt later during the flop, turn, and river stages of making the best hand possible. 

Texas Hold ’em Betting Stages.

The game’s rules are the same whether you play at a casino or in a crypto-based poker room. First, the dealer button rotates around the table clockwise and decides between the small blind and the big blind. Next, the small blind places a mandatory bet into the pot on the table. After that, the big blind doubles the small blind’s bet. 

The dealer deals each player two hole cards. The first one to begin the betting round is the player seated next to the big blind. After the first round of betting, the dealer burns the top card from the deck and deals three community cards on the table. These cards are known as the flop. 

Another round of betting completes, and the dealer burns yet another card. The dealer then places one card on the table, the turn. Players proceed with another betting round, and the dealer burns a card. Finally, the dealer sets the fifth and final community card on the table, also known as the river. 

There is a final round of betting in preparation for the showdown when players turn their cards face up. Whoever has the best hand claims the pot, and the dealer reshuffles the cards before the next game.

Texas Hold ’em Stakes – Betting Structure Explained.

To understand the high-stakes poker rules, you need to consider different types of stakes in Texas Hold ’em. From $0.01/$0.02 to $200/$400 and beyond, you can bet on a Texas Hold ’em game with such an extensive range of stakes. Professional poker players usually start at the lower stakes at online tournaments and call it “grinding.” 

Texas Hold ’em is one of the poker games that can be played in different betting structures. If you ask professionals, that betting structure can change the poker strategy. Hence, it’s essential to understand the various levels to know what kind of game you are playing. 

No Limit Texas Hold’em

No-Limit Texas Hold ’em is a version of Texas Hold ’em that allows players to bet or raise their entire stack of chips at any point during a hand, making it one of the most exciting forms of poker.

That means having the ability to put your opponent to the test makes No-Limit Hold ’em one of the most exhilarating versions of poker. This betting structure has become so popular that it has come to define the game itself: No-Limit Hold ’em is the world’s most popular poker game.

Pot Limit Texas Hold ’em.

Pot-Limit is simply the mandatory type of betting. It means that the maximum bet or raise is always limited by the momentary size of the pot on the table. So, for example, if the blinds and the five players at the table all call to continue to flop with a current pool of $1,000, then that sum becomes the maximum bet.

Fixed Limit Texas Hold ’em.

The fixed limit is somewhat similar to the pot limit. However, only a different sum is used to determine the maximum bet. Fixed limit is often used at the poker tables as a traditional game. Namely, the size of the small and big blind play a vital role in the game. 

That means the betting structure revolves around their bets. For example, if the small blind has a stake of $25, it is the maximum bet before and after the flop. In the same way, if the big blind is $50, that sum is the maximum bet on turn and river. In other words, the fixed maximum dictates the bet and raise for each betting round.

Fixed Limit Texas Hold 'em

Difference Between Cash Games and Tournaments

A poker game is still a poker game. Yet when you enter the poker room or casino, there is a different table for cash games and tournaments. That’s because there is a difference between the two. So if you plan to make a bet, you must get acquainted with all the game details.

Poker Tournament

If you watch TV, there are plenty of broadcasts of live events such as these, whether it is the World Series of Poker or High Stakes Poker tournaments. It’s a one-time event where players pay an entry fee to sit at the tables and compete for big pots.

A player is permitted a starting stack of chips in a standard tournament. The goal is to increase the stack or let it remain the same to make it to the end of the game. So naturally, the small and big blind will increase throughout the game, making it more challenging. 

There are a lot of compelling moments during tournaments, especially when players face all-in bets. The one that wins takes the entire stack, and the losing player is out of the game. Each time a player loses chips, another seat remains empty, and it continues until the last player remains a winner. 

Cash Game

Cash games are just that, played with real money, and the players sitting at the table are often businessmen. That means each player’s poker bankroll is against another player’s bankroll size. For comparison, a typical Texas Hold ’em game revolves around $6 per bet. In high-stakes cash games, it can reach up to $800 per blind.    

High Stakes Poker Rules – What You Need to Know About the Game

When you play a game of high-stakes poker, your buy-in will be much higher than in a low-stakes game. Most of the time, your bet may be as low as $5 or high as $100 per person at the table. But in high-stakes poker games, that amount is about $600-$10,000 per player. 

This brings us to our next point. High-stakes poker rules involve betting rounds above casual or low-limit games. In other words, you will need much more than sheer luck alone to win these large sums. If anyone is transitioning between the low stakes and high-stakes poker games, then it’s a whole new level of understanding of poker and strategy use. 

If you watch high-stakes games, you can see that the tables have fewer players, as naturally, not everyone can afford to place bets. Another reason is that many poker players are in the game for a hobby, and high-stakes poker is something they seldom venture into. 

That brings us to the player’s composure or psychological part of high-stakes poker. If you have a presence of good players with high poker bankrolls, fewer people at the table and a lot at stake, the game becomes challenging and requires a specific mindset. In other words, you must be willing to absorb risk and recognize the bluff.

How Do You Play High Stakes Poker?

To win long-term at high stakes takes dedication to the game and an ongoing commitment to keeping up to date with the latest strategy. High-stakes poker is not something professional players take lightly, so neither should a beginner player.

There is no magic list while playing by the high-stakes poker rules. However, you can stick to some common sense, arm yourself with strategy and knowledge, and be aware of what goes on at the table.

– First things first. It would help if you had a sufficient poker bankroll. If you want to play high-stakes poker, you’ll need a lot of money. It’s as simple as that.

-The second thing you need to understand is that you can afford to lose a certain amount of money. This means that if you want to play high-stakes poker, make sure you play within your comfort zone.

-Knowing your hands worth is a starting point. But deciding whether to raise or fold is another thing. Some players choose to bet their best hands. This approach gives them more control over their funds.

-While making that decision, you must think about your opponent’s hand. Again, there are no rules about this but reading into your opponent’s decision, stance, and possibilities of their hand.

-Only try to bluff sparingly. Bluffing is a great way to win some big pots, but it also means that you have less money in the end since your opponents can call your bluff and take all your chips away! If you’re unsure whether someone has caught on to what you’re doing, then it’s best not to do it rather than risk losing everything.

Who are the famous high-stakes poker players?

A lot of names in the poker industry play high stakes more often than not. To name a few, these include:

  • Daniel Negreanu
  • Phil Ivey
  • Victor Blum (Isildur1)
  • Doyle Brunson
  • Johnny Chan
  • Phil Galfond
  • Tom Dwan (Durrr)
  • Ben Sulsky (sauce123)

Is There a Difference Between Online and Live Poker?

High-stakes poker is played in both live casinos and online poker rooms. There is a lot of difference between online and live poker games. Many players will tell you there are four distinct differences:

  • Stakes
  • Interaction
  • The pace
  • Rules


One of the most important differences between live and online poker is the stakes. In live poker, you have more challenging competition and higher stakes. On the other hand, crypto-based poker rooms such as Coinpoker can hide famous players who join tables like Viktor Blom, popularly known as Isildur1, Antanas “TonyG” Guoga, and OFC world champion Isabelle “No Mercy” Mercier. In addition, online poker rooms are accessible 24/7 and have lower stakes. 


One of the most significant differences between live and online poker is the interaction between players during gameplay. In live poker, you can see your opponent’s face, and there is always a table talk. Tony G, for example, is famous for his outspoken style. He uses his talent to discourage his opponents. 

In online poker games, you can’t see if they’re nervous, excited, or bluffing. Essentially, if you play online, you’re not going to know who you’re against. This can make it exceptionally hard to get a read, but you can focus on odds and probabilities.

The Pace

Online poker is much faster than live games because there’s less downtime between hands being dealt! In addition, everything happens more instantaneously when it comes to online play because there’s no waiting around to count chips or shuffle cards before they deal again.


Some online poker rooms may have different rules about bets and the number of players sitting at the tables. For example, online poker rooms may have a separate betting rule on raise first, and the number of players may be fewer depending on their platform. In contrast, in live casinos, up to ten players are at the tables, and the big blinds start the betting round. 


High Stakes Poker is a game for those who want to put their poker skills to the test. The game is simple: each player starts with a stack of chips, and the goal is to be the last one standing with chips remaining. There are no limits on how much you can bet, and there is no cap on how many chips you can win. The only rule is that the deck is stacked – meaning each player is dealt a hand of cards before the game begins. The player with the best hand wins the pot.

If you’re looking for a challenge, then join Coinpoker and knock out Tony G out of the game to receive a reward.