The Rob Campbell Bike Ride!

The Rob Campbell Bike Ride!

Test your skills against WSOP Player of the Year 2019! The response to our Bike Ride events has been outstanding and we are now taking it to the next level. Allow us to introduce Rob Campbell, who will be the bounty target in the Bike Ride event moving forward.

WSOP Player of the Year will be there waiting for you every Sunday at 04:00 GMT.

The prize pool will be set at 750,000 CHP GTD, but that’s not all: If you manage to knock Campbell out of the event, there’s a sweet reward in it for you – a massive bounty of a 0.25BTC!

On top of that, there will be a second event later that day, the NoMercy Shooting Star which will see Isabelle Mercier playing. Knock her off her star and you will earn a bounty worth 0.1BTC!

Ready to be the one to send Rob packing? Then read on!

Buy-in to enter the Rob Campbell Bike Ride is set at 10,000 CHP. Sounds like too much? We got your back again: Satellites will run daily with a price tag set as low as 100 CHP!

To make sure you have as much fun as possible, the Bike Ride and Shooting Star event will be accompanied by 3 other events. The full schedule is as follows:

  • The Bike Ride Series
    • Rob Campbell Bike Ride 750,000 GTD + 0.25BTC KO bounty – 04:00h GMT – Buy-in 10,000 CHP
    • Deep Space 500,000 GTD – 04:30h GMT – Buy-in 25,000 CHP
    • Big Bang 750,000 GTD – 05:00h GMT – Buy-in 25,000 CHP

  • The Shooting Star Series
    • NoMercy Shooting Star 250k GTD + 0.1BTC KO bounty – 18:00h GMT – Buy-in 5,000 CHP
    • Deep Space Mini 300k GTD PLO – 18:30h GMT – Buy-in 10,000 CHP
    • Big Bang Mini 350k GTD – 19:00h GMT – Buy-in 25,000 CHP

NOTE: To qualify for the bounty, you must eliminate the player named „RobCampbell” from the Bike Ride tournament, after the re-buy period has ended.

To qualify for the bounty on NoMercy you must eliminate the player „NoMercy” from the NoMercy Shooting Star tournament after the re-buy period has ended.

Winners will be contacted via their registered e-mails and all bounties will be paid to their provided BTC wallet addresses.