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NFL Season 2021/22: Preview, Analysis, and Predictions

The last season of the NFL concluded in February, with Tom Brady winning yet another Super Bowl, this time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Who will succeed to the Buccaneers as NFL Champion? The road restarts this week. The NFL season kicks off on the 9th of September and it’s not surprising that chatter about NFL Season 2021/22: Preview, Analysis, and Predictions


The last season of the NFL concluded in February, with Tom Brady winning yet another Super Bowl, this time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Who will succeed to the Buccaneers as NFL Champion? The road restarts this week.

The NFL season kicks off on the 9th of September and it’s not surprising that chatter about the new campaign is going into overdrive with pre-season in full swing.

Before you press on with placing your outright wagers on the CoinPoker sportsbook though we suggest you have a read of our NFL season preview. With eight divisions and 32 teams to explore, let’s get straight into it.

NFL Season Preview: The AFC

AFC East

The first division to fall under the microscope in our NFL preview is the AFC East and, boy, could it be an exciting one. Well, it could be if you’re not a Jets fan.

We’ll quickly cover off the Jets’ prospects for the year ahead; they were abject last season posting a losing record of 2-14.

That saw them make a couple of big moves during free agency with Carl Lawson and Jarrad Davis penning deals and now both are long term injured with the former likely to be out for the entirety of 2021.

It means their season is as good as done already. The Bills meanwhile are expected to lead the pack again after bossing things last year. They’re far from untouchable but Josh Allen just keeps getting better and better.

On top of that, they’ve kept their roster pretty tight throughout the off-season too so they’ll be strong again.

If the Bills are to come under pressure this year it’s going to come from two of the unmentioned sides. Tua Tagovailoa has fallen off a few radars after the initial hype train never got chugging but now the words coming out of Miami is that he’s fired up and ready to go.

Whether he can deliver anything like his potential then the Dolphins will be in for a treat. The addition of Jaylen Waddle, who knows Tua from Alabama, could aid that process.

Then there are the Patriots. Last year there was a lot of talk about who carried who – the Patriots carrying Tom Brady or vice versa. Well, Bill Belichick will want to correct that record this season and has been a busy man adding to his roster. Do they have a star passer though?

Who will top the division?

The CoinPoker odds have Buffalo Bills as favorites to top the AFC East (1.65). Miami Dolphins are priced at 4.00, the Patriots at 4.50, and the New York Jets at 21.00.

AFC West

The face of the NFL currently finds himself plying his trade in the AFC West and, as such, it’s probably the division that will come under most scrutiny. It’s hard to see anyone knocking Kansas off their West division perch but never say never.

Let’s start with Chiefs as we’ve just labeled them favorites for first place. Patrick Mahomes is the man who grabs the headlines but to consider the KCC a one-man team would be a mistake.

Tyreek Hill, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, and Travis Kelce all play a role too whilst additions of Jarran Reed and Joe Thuney look like good business. Pushing them closest will probably be the LA Chargers where another quarterback is expected to glisten.

Justin Herbert scooped the offensive rookie award last year and with Joe Lombardi coordinating above him his game should come on even further; that’s even more likely when Brandon Staley requested so protection for his biggest weapon.

If we head over to Vegas now to look at how the Raiders are shaping up you’ll probably find it hard to make too much of a case for the side that leveled out with an 8-8 record last season.

Derek Carr has just had one of his better campaigns but defensively there are many queries to be addressed. Then, finally, you have the Denver Broncos.

We anticipate them being in fairly decent shape with Bradley Chubb and the fit-again Von Miller likely to scare a few teams but, again, do they have enough at quarterback?

Who will top the division?

At the CoinPoker sportsbook, the Kansas City Chiefs are the top pick for AFC West winner: 1.35. They are followed by the Los Angeles Charges priced at 6.00, the Denver Broncos at 6.50, and the Las Vegas Raiders at 17.00.

AFC North

The AFC North is very much a three-way shootout with the Cincinnati Bengals miles off the pace of the other trio.

Making up the trio you have two fancied sides and one that with a stroke of luck and momentum could easily find themselves right in the mix.

We’ll begin with a word on the Bengals. On paper, they’ve got the weapons to hurt teams through Joe Burrows and Ja’Marr Chase but, with the best will in the world, we expect them to get taken apart in the defense.

Trey Hendrickson has arrived as a big-name signing but he’s done nothing to suggest he’ll deliver consistently.

At the top of the division, we lean towards the Browns. Baker Mayfield is a highly capable quarterback and with Odell Beckham to hit they’ll be dangerous. Unlike the Bengals, the Browns have used the off-season to plug some holes in their roster too.

The real battle for the top spot in the AFC North is between the Browns and the Ravens. The name in lights for the Ravens is Lamar Jackson but some are questioning if he’s been found out. With the way John Harbaugh has built around him though, this could be the year Jackson takes things to new heights.

Finally, we have last season’s leader, the Pittsburgh Steelers. You’d think they’d be right up there but having cycled through a few changes since the back end of last year that’s not guaranteed.

TJ Watt coming in is a smart addition but losses of Bud Dupree and Steve Nelson – to name just two – makes it all seem just a tad ‘meh’. Ben Roethlisberger needs to come up with trumps.

Who will top the division?

The Baltimore Ravens lead the way in the CoinPoker’s sportsbook to win the AFC North division at 2.15. The other teams involved are the Cleveland Browns (2.65), the Pittsburgh Steelers (4.20) and the Cincinnati Bengals (26.00).

AFC South

The final stop on our tour of the AFC is in the South and it’s a division that can be split cleanly in two as far as we are concerned with the Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars likely to face a long slog.

We’ll begin with the two sides we’ve just touched on. The Jaguars might have just picked up a much-lauded quarterback in Trevor Lawrence but the lad can only do so much.

You can fully expect them to improve on what they delivered on the field last year; the trouble is when the bar was set at one measly win improving is hardly a transformation of note.

The Texans aren’t expected to fair too much better either; Deshaun Watson is the standout name on their roster and it’s pretty clear the 25-year-old has no long-term interest in being there. If that circus ends up impacting how or if he plays, they’ve got no hope.

As for the better sides in the division, you’re looking at Tennessee Titans as the team to beat. Defensively they’re reasonably well-drilled and going in the other direction the duo of Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry combine well to threaten.

Their competition for top spot will come from the Indianapolis Colts; the two teams both posted 11-5 records last season with little likely to be between the teams.

That means it will come down to injuries, momentum, and luck. Unfortunately, for the Colts it looks like two of their big players – Carson Wentz and Quenton Nelson – are going to be short of fitness for the opening week at least.

Who will top the division?

CoinPoker has the Tennesse Titans as favorites to win the AFC South division, priced at 1.85. The Titans are followed by the Indianapolis Colts (2.40), the Jacksonville Jaguars (7.50) and the Houston Texans (29.00).

NFL Season Preview: The NFC

NFC East

We’ll start off our look at the NFC with the worst cluster of teams; we say that because you can’t have a team top the standings with seven measly wins and expect the division to be described in any other way.

Washington was the team that topped the division last season and, despite us mocking their overall record, they actually pushed the Buccs closer than anyone else in the postseason; there is clearly something in their side if they could just find some consistency.

That will be hard to find with the quarterback position not set in stone but, on the bright side, Chase Young and Terry McLaurin could have a big season.

The other team we fancy to be strong in the NFC East is the Dallas Cowboys. Dak Prescott’s fitness will be vital but they should be much improved defensively after a shed load of reinforcements arrived in the off-season.

Besides these, there are other two teams in this division that are to be watched closely. We certainly wouldn’t hang our hat on either but, with a strong wind, both could compete for the top spot.

The Eagles are a complete unknown for the year ahead; it will be the first year Nick Sirianni has acted as Head Coach whilst Jalen Hurts is looking like being the main man for the first time.

Then you have the Giants. They were woeful at the start of last season but ended the campaign strongly; if they pick up where they left off with James Bradberry and Logan Ryan imposing themselves on the defense then who knows! Daniel Jones, however, still has questions to answer.

Who will top the division?

The favorites to win the NFC East division are the Dallas Cowboys, with the odd at 2.10. The Washington Football Team comes second at 3.60, while the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants have their odd tied at 5.50.

NFC West

If any division is wide open then it’s this one; every single team will be thinking they could make the postseason and you’d be hard-pressed to argue against that.

The San Francisco 49ers arrived in the season with a much cleaner bill of health, which puts them in a much stronger position.

That said, they need to nail down a quarterback. Jimmy Garoppolo is the experienced option but rookie Trey Lance could come into the thinking. On the subject of quarterbacks, it’s the arrival of Matt Stafford in Los Angeles that makes the Rams serious contenders.

He’s a step up from Jared Goff and we know they’ll have a mean defense with the likes of Jalen Ramsey and Aaron Donald.

Next up in the West you have the Cardinals. They have a seriously hyped star at QB in Kyler Murray although he’s yet to truly hit the heights he is capable of. With DeAndre Hopkins to hit and another bundle of potential in round two draft pick Rondale Moore at WR, they could help unlock more from Murray.

Then finally you have the Seattle Seahawks; they topped the division last year with the second-best record (12-4) in the entire NFC. Despite that, they probably have the biggest question marks over them with all their eggs placed in a Russell Wilson-shaped basket.

Who will top the division?

The San Francisco 49ers are the favorites in CoinPoker’s odds to top the NFC West Division, at 2.80. They are followed closely by the LA Rams, at 2.85. A bit further in the odds are the Seattle Seahawks (3.80) and the Arizona Cardinals (6.50).

NFC North

If the NFC West, which we’ve just looked at in our NFL season preview, is wide open then you have to say this division is a huge contrast with the Green Bay Packers the standout choice to top the standings.

On the flip side, you have the Detroit Lions who are somewhat of a mess with two other franchises – the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears – that could go either way.

The Packers’ entire off-season has been dominated by one thing and one thing only – keeping hold of last year’s MVP Aaron Rodgers.

Now they have that situated all tied up though, they’ll be able to focus on what they deliver on the grass, and if the last couple of years are anything to go by then you can bank on them being a team that goes deep. They had the best record in the NFC last season with 13 wins.

When talking about the LA Rams we touched on Stafford being an upgrade on Goff; well Detroit got the other side of that stick in the summer of significant change. Any team would struggle to bond all those alterations, which immediately spells bad news.

It gets worse when you consider who heads up the whole thing though; head coach Dan Campbell is a good talker but that’s where it ends. Then you’ve got the Vikings and Bears.

We expect the Vikings to be good defensively but we’re not convinced they’re strong enough at quarterback. For the Bears, they’ll be looking to Justin Fields to star in his inaugural campaign.  

Who will top the division?

Of course, Aaron Rodger’s team is leading the way, with the GB Packs priced at 1.65 to win the NFC North Division. The Minnesota Vikings (3.50), the Chicago Bears (5.50), and the Detroit Lions (23.00) complete the list.

NFC South

When you look at the NFC South the first team you look to is the reigning Super Bowl champs, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Are they the team to beat in this division?

Of course, the question we’ve just posed has an obvious answer; yes. The reason we ask it though is that Tom Brady and co weren’t the best teams in the division last season.

In fact, they have easily brushed aside against another of the NFC South’s strong teams – the New Orleans Saints. That won’t be the case this year with Tampa close to nailed on for top spot.

Whether the Saints can get close to their 12-4 record remains to be seen though; for so long Drew Bees has been the man in New Orleans and, despite his departure being on the way for a couple of years, seemingly little prep has been done to manage the situation with no clear starting QB bottomed out.

That said, the defense should be pretty solid with Demario Davis perhaps the main man to that end. The less said about the Falcons and the Panthers the better in all honesty; they’re not nearly good enough to challenge either of the Buccs or the Saints.

Who will top the division?

Obviously, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, last season SuperBowl winners, are the favorites to top the NFC South, at 1.50. You can back up the other teams involved, with the New Orleans Saints priced at 4.00, the Atlanta Falcons at 8.00, and the Carolina Panthers at 10.00.

NFL Season Preview: Who will win the Super Bowl?

Let’s be honest, predicting the Super Bowl winners before a match has been played is always going to be a longshot. We here at the CoinPoker sportsbook don’t mind them now and then though so we’re going to stick our necks on the line.

The Kansas City Chiefs are the obvious choice from the AFC. When it comes to who faces off with the most people are opting for Tampa again. Not us. We’re backing the LA Rams to reach the Super Bowl; we think they’ll win it too.

Who will win the Super Bowl?

Without surprises, the two teams that featured in last year’s Super Bowl are the current favorites to be again at next year’s decision.

Currently, the top 5 SuperBowl favorites are as followed:

  • Kansas City Chiefs: 5.75
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 7.10
  • Buffalo Bills: 11.25
  • Baltimore Ravens: 13.50
  • Green Bay Packers: 13.50

Final Thoughts

There you have it, our NFL season preview. With the restrictions easing up for the presence in stadiums, we will be eager to see the atmosphere of the NFL back at full speed.

This combined with the opportunity to see back in actions stars like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Patrick Mahomes, we are sure this season will be another rollercoaster. And then, the Super Bowl, the biggest sports event of the year in the USA.

The SuperBowl LVI is scheduled to happen on Valentine’s Day Eve, 13th of February at the SoFi Stadium, in Inglewood, California.

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