Counting Pot Odds In Texas Hold’em (Infographic)

We don’t want to start rough here, but let’s admit – counting outs, odds and then pot odds looks rather difficult. Especially if you are new to this.

It all might seem too much at first, but more advanced poker players do it almost automatically. It’s just a matter of practice and having a clear calculating system.

That is exactly what we have here. It’s an explanatory infographic to help you understand the steps needed for successful pot odds calculation.

Just plain, easy basics.

Use this information for your advantage and you’ll see your gameplay improve quickly!

Not that difficult, huh?

If you are ready to get a bit deeper into it, take a look at some of our pros Isabelle Mercier ‘No Mercy’ strategy blog posts.

Here are a few of her poker strategy tips that if implemented, would increase your likelihood of being a successful poker player drastically:

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