Make it Rain in Macau

This epic satellite series gives you a chance to play at one of Asia’s premier poker events for as little as 0CHP. Join the action and win 1 of 10 seats and packages available for the APT Main Event in Macau on April 28th.

Starting April 13

Players compete at these satellites for a seat at the April 19th main qualifier.

  • 10:00GMT: Free Buy-In, 3,000 CHP Prize Pool
  • 12:00GMT: 400 CHP Buy-In, 20,000 CHP Prize Pool

Starting April 15

Players compete at these satellites for a seat at the April 22nd main qualifier.

  • 10:00GMT: Free Buy-In, 3,000 CHP Prize Pool
  • 12:00GMT: 300 CHP Buy-In, 15,000 CHP Prize Pool
  • Players can only register if you are of legal age as determined by the law of the country of residence and/or the jurisdiction where the APT Event will be held.
    • The above notwithstanding, players cannot participate in an APT Event if they are under 18 years of age in any circumstances.
    • Players accept sole responsibility for determining whether their participation in an APT Event is legal in their country. Players are obliged to determine this by making appropriate enquiries in their country of residence.
  • By participating in satellites to live events, you reserve the right to allow CoinPoker to use your name, photo, and username for running promotions and miscellaneous marketing purposes.
  • By participating in this promotion, all players are obliged to accept the following terms:
    • All winners of seats and packages can be requested to wear CoinPoker branded clothing at any time during the event.
    • Winners will also be referred to as as a CoinPoker player in media mentions and marketing materials throughout both the live event and promotional satellite play.
    • The terms of this sponsorship arrangement are non-negotiable, and will not result in any additional compensation.
  • Winners with additional sponsor agreements that qualify for a seat through CoinPoker satellites may not adorn any other sponsors' logos or engage in any promotional behavior for brands aside from CoinPoker during the event.
  • Only one package or seat only can be awarded per person. Please do not enter any other satellites once you receive a seat.
  • The aforementioned prize “package” includes the following:
    • Buy-in to APT Macau Main Event 1B (player will be registered by us)
    • 3 nights accommodation for the event (booked by CoinPoker)
    • Total of 6,000 CHP for travel expenses
    • Incidental costs that exceed the package value mentioned above are to be fully covered by the player.
  • Satellite seats cannot be forwarded; players who win first round events must continue to the subsequent satellite stage.
  • Seats and packages to the APT Main Event in Macau may be transferred to participant other than the winning player. Information on the final recipient of the package or seat must be passed on as soon as the initial email from our team is received.
  • Main qualifiers will not receive prizes in the form of CHP; only seats and packages including the services listed above are available to claim.
  • Winners will receive an email within 24 hours of winning a package or seat with further instructions
  • CoinPoker reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions, as well as alter or cancel this promotion or events involved, at any time.
  • Players cannot win more than one rd1 satellite to the main qualifier. If player wins second rd1 satellite he’ll not be rewarded additionally in any way.

Play for Your Seat

Qualifer Buy in Prizes
April 15 Freeroll 1 APT Main Event Seat
April 19 4,000 CHP APT Package:
Includes accommodation, travel expenses, and an APT Main Event seat
April 22 3,000 CHP APT Main Event Seat