How to get CHP

CHP is a divisible, ERC-20 compliant utility token. Throughout the CoinPoker ICO, a total supply of 354,786,434 CHP was distributed. Since that is all the CHPs available, as more players join CoinPoker, the demand for this token will grow, too.

In the future, CoinPoker is looking for CHP to become one of the major cryptocurrencies in gambling. That starts with a European-licensed Sportsbook using it as one of their currencies. In the future, we expect to see CHP at player investment platforms, poker rooms, and potentially even international live poker series.

Getting CHP is easy! Here’s the simplified steps:

  • Have a crypto e-wallet with BTC or ETH in it.
  • Go to the exchange register and deposit your cryptocurrency into your AllCoin account.
  • Exchange your ETH of BTC to CHP.
  • Deposit them to your CoinPoker account. That’s it!