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ICO Has Ended - Thank You All!

354 786 434 CHP Distributed

CoinPoker Tournament Prize Pools

Opening #1
16,932,579 CHP
Opening #2
10,159,547 CHP

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CoinPoker is a poker room built on blockchain technology that will offer fantastic value for both poker players and cryptocurrency community members alike. We are also introducing CHP (‚chips’) – a brand new cryptocurrency that will be used to play poker safely and comfortably.

CoinPoker is not a pie in the sky theoretical concept, the core software is already built and ready to go and will be available for you to test here!

CoinPoker’s online poker platform is set to revolutionize the way online poker operates. You will be able to connect to our platform from anywhere in the world, use your tokens to play, be sure of a fair game and the safety of your funds. Cryptocurrency & blockchain technology will help CoinPoker offer immediate, pain-free transactions from every corner of the globe.

AccessibilityYou can get Ethereum-based CHP cryptocurrency no matter where you are in the world. Thanks to smart contract technology, your deposits & withdrawals will reach your e-wallet within seconds.

TransparencyRandom number generation (RNG) is the heart of every poker room. We are using advanced technology to completely randomize shuffling to increase game integrity and since our RNG is on blockchains, we are ensuring transparency for everyone.

PrivacySmart contracts will guarantee the token holders’ anonymity and safety. Backed by solid legal opinions worldwide, the poker room will operate with maximally simplified registration process, avoiding redundant user personal data collection.

Distribution15% of the total ICO funding will be returned to the community, via promotions and bonuses. The opening tournament series will have additional prize pools –millions of CHPs- that you can win thanks to your game skills!

FairplayOur CoinPoker’s Fairplay security and fraud system will monitor user actions, as well as the user input. With it, we’ll be able to identify and eliminate unfair play in all forms – by players, and by programs!


We are introducing CoinPoker tokens which are called Chips (CHP) and they will be the official currency for CoinPoker. We’re going to release a total of 500,000,000 CHP tokens to the market.

The ICO will distribute 75% of the total token supply – 375,000,000 CHP –to the community in three rounds.

Pre–ICO Sold out in 6 days
ICO Starts on January 19th, 2018

Pre-ICO Sold Out
1 ETH ~ 6,600 CHP
100,000,000 CHP
Hard Cap
ICO Stage I Sold Out
1 ETH = 4,200 CHP
137,500,000 CHP
Hard Cap
ICO stage II Sold Out
1 ETH = 3,500 CHP
137,500,000 CHP
Hard Cap
ETH allocation
  • Development
  • Worldwide community building
  • Team / Advisors / Ambassadors
CHP allocation
  • Tournaments
  • Exchanges
  • Team / Advisors
  • ICO


2017 October 16th

CoinPoker play money app launch on Mac and Windows

2017 November 16th

CoinPoker Pre-ICO

2018 January 19th

CoinPoker ICO

2018 February

CHP Listed in Exchanges

2018 February

CHP launch on CoinPoker

2018 February/March

CoinPoker Opening tournament series

2018 April 2nd

CoinPoker is on Android and iOS devices

2018 May 10th

Decentralized RNG solution

2018 July 1st

CoinPoker player referral and partner program

2018 October

CoinPoker Fairplay Program Complete


René Boutestijn

Chief Development Officer René is an online gaming software engineer with more than a decade of experience working in the field. As a lead developer, he specialized in building multi-player online-based games like poker, backgammon, chess, rummy, and other card games. René’s extensive background in the industry allows him to build on best principles as well as deliver with the latest innovations in the industry.

Justas Kregždė

CTO & Smart Contract Developer Justas is an online gaming software developer with more than 12 years of experience in the field. In addition to that, he is an author & a contributor of 10 published iOS and Android games. For the past three years, Justas has been working as an online poker software developer. Over the last year, he has been focusing on blockchain related projects & smart contracts.

Michael Josem

Head of Security Michael is a veteran when it comes to online gaming security and fraud prevention. He is best known for uncovering two major cheating scandals in poker world and has been working in the field for more than a decade. His experience working at PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker allows Michael to provide insightful analysis on issues affecting players, in-game transparency, and security.

Isabelle Mercier

Chief Community Manager Isabelle is a professional poker player, boosting more than 1,000,000 in total career winnings. She’s been in the poker scene for more than 15 years, and is a well-known Open Face Chinese poker guru. As a poker ambassador, Isabelle has a strong presence in the French & Canadian markets, and has columns both online and in traditional media. She has been nominated for Staff Person of the Year twice by the European Poker Awards, has her own instructional DVD and appeared in the documentary That’s Poker.

Paulius Mikaliūnas

Head of Poker Operations Paulius has been working in the field of online gaming for 10 years, and for the past three, he has been the poker product manager at the TonyBet Network. His experience as a professional poker player lead to him becoming one of the co-founders of the Lithuanian Sports Poker Federation. Paulius’ primary focus was always poker, and he has also worked as the Editor & Manager of the Baltic Region at PokerNews for three years.

Alex Mishiev

Online Business Strategy & Digital Marketing Expert Alex is a strategy expert with an extensive background in e-gaming industry. His specialties include increasing profitability and maximizing efficiency, as well as determining growth engines. Alex has experience working at such companies like, Playtech, and The Nation Traffic and is a board member at various e-commerce companies.


Antanas Guoga – Tony G

Entrepreneur Tony G is a living poker legend, and one of the most popular players in the world. He is well known for his numerous colourful appearances in many poker TV shows, such as HighStakes Poker, Poker After Dark, and The Big Game amongst others. He is also a prolific entrepreneur, a member of the European Parliament, and one of the most influential crypto-community backers in Europe.

Mike Segal

Cryptography expert Mike is an expert in cryptography and algorithms who has been active in the Bitcoin community since 2011. Mike has been an avid poker player for over 15 years and has created automated poker playing bots, odds calculators, and a provably fair game engine. Mike is the Chief Technology Officer at DigitalX, a leading cryptocurrency fintech company.

Kevin Hobbs

Blockchain Technology Expert Kevin Hobbs is the CEO of the Vanbex Group and the founder of The Genisys Project. He has more than a decade of management experience after working in a variety of challenging roles that he brings to his current endeavours. Kevin has a great interest in how Blockchain technologies help further innovation and how business will be done in the future.

Danilo S. Carlucci

Marketing & Communication Expert Ex online poker player, startup founder and marketing expert with 6+ years experience. Currently at Google, leading YouTube’s community efforts in the UK

Emerson Fonseca - CryptoFonzy

Blockchain Consultant, Cryptocurrency Trader and Community Advisor Emerson is the Head of NEM Philippines and CEO of Coin Sessions PH. In addition, he is one of the Board of Advisors for LoyalCoin. He started his career in the crypto space as a trader and has been known as CryptoFonzy since then. As an advocate of Blockchain Technology, he helps start-ups, ICOs, and blockchain companies with building communities, creating marketing strategies, and communicating in order to attract investment opportunities, and at the same time, he is broadening innovation awareness in the Philippines.

Teresa Nousiainen

Poker and Community Advisor Teresa is a gaming expert with more than 15 years of experience and is well-known worldwide in the industry. She is a respected figure in the Finnish poker market, as well as an acclaimed poker tournament director with a long career working on the European Poker Tour. She has also worked as a casino and poker product manager, who ran events for the majority of the biggest brands in the field.

Warren Anthony Lush

PR and Marketing Expert As an expert in public relations for online industries, Warren has been working with the best & biggest names for a good number of years. His vast experience includes being the Head of PR at PartyPoker and similar roles at Ladbrokes and Sky Sports. In addition to that, Warren has also worked in politics for Rt Hon William Hague MP, the former leader of the opposition & Foreign Secretary. In January 2012, Warren was honoured as the European Staff Person of the Year in the industry of poker.

Brian Thomas Hall

Legal Advisor Brian is an expert in e-commerce, specialising in strategic and legal advice. His experience envelops advising both domestic and international companies on many different aspects of the field, including structure, development, consumer protection, skill games, and many others. As a seasoned professional with experience at BH International Strategic Consulting and Lazarus Charbonneau, he is well versed in gaming law and e-commerce.

Eugene Dubossarsky

Data Scientist Eugene is a data scientist with nearly two decades of experience in the field. He is proficient in identifying data-based solutions and opportunities and ensuring they are understood as well as applied correctly. Eugene is a founder of multiple projects and communities, and he is currently a Director & a Principal Trainer at Presciient.

Chadd Burgess

Quantitative Trader & Capital Markets Consultant Chadd has 15 years experience in the financial industry as quantitative portfolio manager and proprietary trader. He has worked in multiple jurisdictions across Asia and maintains an extensive network of funds management and crypto industry contacts. He currently is working on multiple projects aimed at integrating blockchain technologies with traditional financial capital markets.


ValueNet Capital

Venture Fund Investors ValueNet Capital is a venture fund with an exclusive focus on investing in the most promising Blockchain technologies. Their biggest asset is the world-wide team of advisors and partners who all together open the possibility to be on top of every innovation happening anywhere in the world.


Financial & Technical Advisors DigitalX provide advice and insight into launching successful ICOs, as well as building up blockchain technology. Their expertise covers everything from corporate and financial strategies to marketing to analysis of blockchain models to cryptocurrency security, and with four years’ experience in cryptocurrency trading as well as blockchain development spaces, they can help build a solid foundation for any promising venture.


Since 2003, PokerNews has established themselves as a leading worldwide poker news & affiliate website. They are the official partners of high-scale events such as World Series of Poker, the PokerStars Championship, and many other international poker tournaments.

High Stakes Database

HighstakesDB is one of the most influential high stakes poker news, tracking, and reporting sites.


PokerTube is the world‘s largest poker media portal, providing all the essential poker TV shows, live events and other relevant videos.


When does the Pre-ICO and the ICO start?

Our Pre-ICO has started on November 16th, 2017 and ended on the 21st of the same month. Our ICO will start on the 19th of January, 2018, and will end on the 26th of January, 2018.

In total, 500 million CHP tokens will be made available.

  • During the Pre-ICO, 20% (or 100,000,000 CHP) tokens were distributed
  • During the ICO Stage I, 27.5% (or 137,500,000 CHP) tokens will be distributed
  • During the ICO Stage II, 27.5% (or 137,500,000 CHP) tokens will be distributed
  • The rest of the tokens - 25% - (or 125, 000, 000 CHP) are being distributed via tournaments, with the first 5,000,000 CHP having been distributed before the ICO, and the rest – after.

During the Pre-ICO, 6,600 CHP were available for 1 ETH. During the ICO Stage I, we will offer a 4,200 CHP for 1 ETH, and during the ICO Stage II, 3,500 CHP for 1 ETH.

Token holders can easily store and manage their CHP using existing Ethereum clients, including the official Ethereum wallet, Mist,

The following wallets are known to be compatible with Ethereum tokens (ERC-20 standard):

  • MyEtherWallet (no download needed)
  • MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon)
  • Mist (Desktop)
  • Parity (Desktop)
  • imToken (iPhone)
  • imToken (Android)

More information on how to purchase CHP tokens can be found

You can participate in CoinPoker ICO if you are not a US citizen or don’t reside permanently in the United States, or you don’t have a permanent residence in countries such as Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and other territories under the United States Control.

However, our legal team is already working hard to make sure on allowing US Citizens to join CoinPoker at the later stages legally, without any risks to themselves, CoinPoker room, and other community members.

It is a token that will appeal to poker players and cryptocurrency investors alike.

Firstly, CHP is our in-game currency and it can be used for playing games, which will create demand for the product (see white paper for more info). Secondly, it’s a crypto-currency that will be listed in exchanges.

CHP tokens will become transferrable immediately after you acquire them during our ICO which starts on 19th of January; you will be able to immediately use it in CoinPoker games.

This is the CHP Token Address you will need in this step:

  1. Go to MyEtherWallet. This link will lead you directly to the Create New Wallet page.
  2. Enter a strong password (we recommend at least 20 characters).
  3. Click on the Create New Wallet button.
  4. Click Download Keystore File. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!
  5. Now, click I understand. Continue.
  6. The following page will display your private key information. The private key can unlock your wallet if you forget your password, so it’s very important to keep your private key safe. Print your private key + save it where no one can access it.
  7. Click Next: Save Your Address.

Unlocking your wallet:

  1. To access your wallet and/or complete any transactions on MyEtherWallet, you’ll need to unlock your wallet first.
  2. To unlock the wallet, you need the keystore file you previously downloaded (the one starting with UTC -- 2017- and a date stamp) and your wallet password.
  3. When you see the unlock screen, choose the Keystore File (UTC / JSON) option. When you select this option, a SELECT WALLET FILE… button appears on the right.
  4. Click the button to find the wallet file on your computer or external drive. After you select the file, you’ll also be prompted to enter your password.
  5. If both elements match, you can now click on the Unlock button that appears.
  6. To check your wallet balance, click on the View Wallet Info tab.
  7. After you unlock the wallet, you’ll see your public Account Address, your Account Balance and Token Balances in the left column.
  8. Save your account address for later — this is your wallet’s public address, which you can use to send and receive Ether or various tokens like the CHP tokens.

Your new Ethereum wallet is now set up and fully functional. What’s next? Open a Kraken or account & buy Ether (ETH)!

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